See the Best Books of the Month Looking for something great to read? Browse our editors’ picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries. Lewis’s remarkable satirical novel about millionaire auto manufacturer Sam Dodsworth, who journeys to Europe with his new wife. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the best of our knowledge, the text of this.

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For one thing my work that creates so much stress and strain on my life over there represents a piece of sand, something I can easily hold in my hand, rather than a mountain filled with boulders and treacherous overhangs. Poor Sam is heavily afflicted with codependency.

It might be too much of a challenge for SL to be funny. It is not a satire on the lines of “Main Street”, “Babbitt” or “Elmer Gantry”, but a serious novel in the full sense of the word.

in so many words A Favorite Read: DODSWORTH by Sinclair Lewis ( – )

It’s my understanding that the Hollywood movie is very good but also serious I thought. Aboard ship he indulges her need to be the center of every male attention because he understands she is terrified of growing old. As a young woman reader, I found Dodsworth pretty enlightening.

Sam Dodsworth made a small fortune building up an automobile dodswworth and then selling it to one of his rivals.

Anyway, once I’d seen the movie I decided to read the book but kept putting it off until a couple of years ago when finally I picked up a paperback and began reading. The discovery dismayed him. Oh, I adore it! That’s the treasure of this book in general, that it’s a snapshot of a moment in history right before an unexpected period of tremendous upheaval, with none of the characters nor even the author even remotely aware that such upheaval is about to take place; note for example Sam’s ho-hum attitude towards the pre-power Fascists he meets in Europe, or how one of the biggest sources of conflict is whether Sam is going to accept the high-powered VP position of the new conglomerate at home next year, or blow another million on staying at five-star hotels across the Continent for yet another year, a much more historically naked treat than any revisionist “winds dodswirth change” ddsworth written after the fact.


By contrast Samuel Dodsworth: He irks, in attempting to capture dialect and slang, in insisting that people speak parenthetically parenthetically, I’m convinced people speak exclusively in dashesin asserting that people think leeis elaborate and well-constructed theses. One of my all time favorite reads. In this part of the novel author Lewis makes much of the many differences between the American way of doing things versus the European: When his company is bought-out, he’s left free at age 50, to do whatever he wants.

The characters are extremely well defined.

Fran seems so certainly wrong. And dldsworth older I get, the more enlightening it is–the main characters here are in their forties and fifties. In his day he was wildly popular, his biting satire of American culture was lapped up by a generation in love with America, but looking to Europe for lewix in their writing, their artistry, their vision. He had always been “too busy to be discontented, and he managed to believe that Fran loved him.

Neither was the author. If there was anything really substantial to be said about the difference between America and Europe in this day and I admit to thinking of this kind of thing as usually simplistic and overdrawnwell, Lewis didn’t say it. The Traveling American’s faithful companion. If you’re in the mood for a detailed, somewhat emotional trip into the past with stylized characters that still ring true in the present really, dofsworth doesn’t know a Fran?

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. They visit the dodswortj in London and are invited by Major Clyde Lockert to join a weekend trip to the countryside.

See 2 questions about Dodsworth…. She is a difficult character dodswirth really, borders on the satirical. Written inthis Sinclair Lewis is a classic portrayl of American society, politics, and business. I absolutely loved this book.

Europe, wife vs husband Hope can an Ivy League man who forged great success in the automobile industry be so completely dominated by his relentlessly selfish wife? Elmer Gantry, the book where he was most brutal in his treatment of his dodsworrh foibles, is far and away his funniest. Dodsworth lays bare many psychological and cultural truths, while giving a glimpse of life in France, Germany and Italy between the world wars.

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Dodsworth (novel) – Wikipedia

While the movie insinuates that Sam books it right back to Edith, the book really made me wonder And it’s in Europe that this llewis relationship must come to terms with the fact Sam and Fran are two people who’ve been essentially strangers to one another. Despite her obvious faults, he loves her. Still moseying along on my limited reading opportunities.

Oddsworth prose is gee-whizzy rather than inspired and inspiring. When the love affair falls through, she writes, sounding repentant but still full of gossip and excuses. Sicnlair loosely autobiographical effort by Codsworth who draws on his breakup with his first wife, Gracethis book also addresses the American view of Europe, and the European view of America, in the days immediate In the last of what are generally considered Sinclair Lewis’s “great novels” of the s, Americans Sam and Fran Dodsworth travel abroad after Sam retires from the auto industry.

First published inDodsworth tells the story of a young American couple who moves to Europe. CenTexBB December 30, at 2: His wife Fran is a selfish, snobbish, social-climbing dilettante.

Views Read Lewks View history. Certainly they couldn’t SELL him anything! Still, sinxlair part of the ambiance of the s when this novel was written. My first Sinclair Lewis. Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in “for his vigorous and graphic art of description and his ability to create, with wit and humor, new types of characters.

Sam Dodsworth is a decent,rich, retired auto executive. Samuel Dodsworth is a business man, a captain of the motor industry, a family man who dodsworhh doesn’t know anything about his family, a man with a respectable lawn, an esteemed peer of the “right” clubs and committees, a Dodsworth, like Babbitt and Main Street and It Can’t Happen Here, is an essential American novel–absolutely essential. I think I’m done with Sinclair Lewis now.

But he has a slick, steel-willed, glamorous socialite for a wife and she has ambitio “Trophy Wife Dumps Hubby for Euro-Glitz” No doubt, this one is for your ‘must read’ list.