Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light has ratings and 13 reviews. Owlseyes said: Dictionary’s definition of DREAM: series of thoughts, v. and the Practice of Natural Light author: Chogyal Namkhai Norbu pages: Dream yoga and the practice of natural light. By Namkhai Norbu; edited by Michael Katz. — 1st ed. Includes bibliographical references. ISBN . 1.

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As far as I can see, it is really more suitable for people who have some experience of dzogchen practice and I’m not one of those. Ka-bab-shi-gyu-pathe lineage stream of Dream Yoga is identified as originating from the Dharmakaya Buddha Vajradhara.

Historically it dives in the teaching of Mahamaya Tantra and the Dzogchen teachings. In this tradition, the development of lucidity in the dream state is understood in the context of generating greater awareness for the ultimate purpose of attaining liberation.

Tiago rated it it was amazing Oct 07, Maybe the retreat was short and packed with other teachings as well, I find the book covers more depth on the subject of Dream Yoga than on the oral transmission Although the experience of oral transmission is definitely felt more precious and more cherished IMHO It is better to have oral transmission if you have the capacity and merit to meet ChNN in person because some of the teachings cannot be understood intellectually by a book and need the presence of the teacher in order for you to “taste” the teachings.

Apr 12, Owlseyes rated it really liked it Shelves: When one realises and embodies the Shunyata Doctrine of Buddha Shakyamuni and Nagarjuna amongst others forded by Dream Yoga and other advanced sadhana, a complete realisation is imminent and elementary. Everything about us, even the most enlightened qualities, are also dreamlike phenomena.


Oxford University Press, as one of the six subtypes of yoga elaborated by the Tibetan guru Marpa and passed down by his disciple Milarepa. The resolved superposition being a mindstream conflation of Dharmakaya with Shunyata and Indra’s net.

Want to Read saving…. Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies. The entwined Mantrayana lineages of Nyingmapa, Bonpo, Ngagpa and Mahasiddha are saturated with trance and dream transmissions of teachings, doctrine, etcetera that transcend constructs of time, place and space, these are often called “whispered traditions” and terma. Account Options Sign in. Patricia Hodges rated it it was amazing Apr 26, In a footnote on ‘ Zhitro ‘ Tibetan: Though the fortuitous emergence of these seven modalities or channels of transmission may occur in the dreak state if the time, space, circumstance and karmic connection is opportune; they may similarly be initiated in a lucid, dream yoga state.

Dreams represent just one type of illusion. The Essential Practice of Clear Light. The Methods of Practicing the Essence of Dreams.

Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light : Namkhai Norbu :

Retrieved from ” https: The more we think of illusory body, the more dreams we will have. Selected pages Title Page. Various Tibetan lamas are unanimous that it is more of a passing of an enlightened experience rather than any textual information.

The Methods of Transference. Next, The dreamer should realize that he or she has control of the dream by changing big objects into small ones, heavy objects into light ones, and many objects into one object.

Dream yoga

Still, I found it to be an interesting account of various practices from to Tibetan Dzogchen tradition, to be performed while falling asleep or while in the dream state. I’m completely aware of the entire experience from falling asleep to vision which I rather kept private up to waking up shortly after This is a short and concise book about dream yoga.

One can then dream with lucidity and do all sorts of things, such as: Views Read Edit View history. Trivia About Dream Yoga and th Theblueinfant rated it really liked it Aug 18, I was skeptical about the instructions for sleeping one one side or the other, based on if you’re male or female, because of Auspiciously, I fell asleep while listening to this text and had a very vivid dream.


User Review – Flag as inappropriate served as a helpful aid to my research studies. There, he contributed to giving a concrete stimulus to the spread of Tibetan culture in the West.

Books by Namkhai Norbu. All appearances and phenomena are a dream or thoughtform, inter- and intra- reflecting and refracting jewels and mirrors of possibility and potentiality, “arising in relationships” or “dependent co-arising”. The Pilgrimage to Maratika.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Eight Chariots and Four Lineages.

I’m completely aware of the entire experience from falling asleep to vision which I rather kept private up to waking up shortly after I have lucid dream a lot but I’m rarely conscious for the entire process. We will see them as dreams, rather than mistaking them nofbu real life. Katz writes thereafter about one of the most important lessons of the Buddhist approach: Carmen Nitu rated it liked it Apr 12, The Dharmakaya, synonymous with Vajradhara Norhu, is the source of all the manifestations of enlightenment.

There is a great correspondence between dream yoga and illusory body. Recognizing, transforming, multiplying and unifying the dream with the luminosity of the true nature; these four outline the essential applications of dream yoga.

Norhu Review – Flag as inappropriate An amazing book.