Encyklika Deus Caritas est: Bóg jest Miłością Encyklika Spe Salvi: O nadziei chrześcijańskiej. Adhortacja apostolska Sacramentum Caritatis: Sakrament miłości. Deus Caritas Est, First Encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI, God is love, Caritas, agape. Książka zawiera około 70 zdjęć z pielgrzymki Benedykta XVI do Polski. ENCYKLIKA OJCA ŚWIĘTEGO BENEDYKTA XVI DO BISKUPÓW PREZBITERÓW I.

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The philosophical dimension to be noted in this biblical vision, and its importance from the standpoint of the history of religions, lies in the fact that on the one hand we find ourselves before a strictly metaphysical image of God: At the same time, the devotion of the faithful shows an infallible intuition of how such love is possible: Despite being extended to all mankind, it is not reduced to a generic, abstract and undemanding expression of love, but calls for my own practical commitment here and now.

We recognize that we are not acting on the basis of encyllika superiority or greater personal efficiency, but because the Lord benedukta graciously enabled us to do so.

The Church has the duty to interpret ever anew this relationship between near and far with regard to the actual daily life of her members. Benedyk XVI, Caritasin veritate, God is the absolute and ultimate source of all being; but this universal principle of creation—the Logosprimordial reason—is at the same time a lover with all the passion of a true love.

She cannot and must not replace the State. First, there is a certain relationship between love and the Divine: Contact with the visible manifestations of God’s love can awaken within us a feeling of joy born of the experience of being loved. Love of neighbour, grounded in the love of God, is first and foremost a responsibility for each individual member of the faithful, but it is also a responsibility for the entire ecclesial community at every level: Significantly, our time has also seen the genedykta and spread of different kinds of volunteer work, which assume responsibility for providing a variety of services.

The element of agape thus enters into this love, for otherwise eros is impoverished and even loses its own nature. Myrdal, Xvl in Social Theory, London: In the critique of Christianity which began with the Enlightenment and grew progressively more radical, this new element was seen as something thoroughly negative.


Scripture seems to reinforce the first objection when it states: As a child of six years, Julian witnessed the assassination of his bwnedykta, brother and other family members by the guards of the imperial palace; rightly or wrongly, he blamed this brutal act on the Emperor Constantius, who passed himself off as an outstanding Christian.

This can only take place on the basis of an intimate encounter with God, an encounter which has become a communion of will, even affecting my feelings. When Jesus speaks in his parables of the shepherd who goes after the lost sheep, of the woman who looks for the lost coin, of the father who goes to meet and embrace his prodigal son, these are no mere words: Those who practise charity in the Church’s name will never seek to impose the Church’s faith upon others.

Encykliki Benedykta XVI Pakiet

But it is also a purifying force for reason itself. How might love be experienced so that it can fully realize its human and divine promise? It is Saint Augustine who gives us faith’s answer to our sufferings: Part of Marxist strategy is the theory of impoverishment: Finally, we must turn our attention once again to those who are responsible for carrying out the Church’s charitable activity. Here we can find a first, important indication in the Song of Songsan Old Testament book well known to the mystics.

Even less is it an attempt to impose on those who do not share the faith ways of thinking and modes of encyklik proper to faith. Since God has first loved us cf. In this project he was amply inspired by Christianity.

In a world where the name of God is sometimes associated with vengeance or even a duty of hatred and violence, this message is both timely and significant. Politics is more than a mere mechanism for defining the rules of public life: Clearly, the Christian who prays does not claim benedymta be able to change God’s plans or correct what he has foreseen.

Whoever loves Christ loves the Church, and desires the Church to be increasingly the image and instrument of the love which flows from Christ. The modern age, particularly from the nineteenth century on, has been dominated by various versions of a philosophy of progress whose most radical form is Marxism. Only thus is love — eros —able to mature and attain its authentic grandeur.


Faith, worship and ethos are interwoven as a single reality which takes shape in our encounter with God’s agape.

Product Reviews | Benedykta XVI. DEUS CARITAS EST – Encyklika o miłości Chrześijańskiej

Nor was this group to carry out a purely mechanical work of distribution: A Christian knows when it is time to speak of God and when it is better to say nothing and to let love alone speak. Instead of contributing through individual works of charity to maintaining the status quowe need to build a just social order in which all receive their share of the world’s goods and no longer have to depend on charity.

What we have here, though, is really an inhuman philosophy.

It is God who governs the world, not we. One of the pope’s ideas is for firms to pursue both profits and the common good with equal fervor.

Deus caritas est (December 25, ) | BENEDICT XVI

It must be admitted that the Church’s leadership was slow to realize that the issue of the just structuring of society needed to be approached in a new way.

Moreover, love cannot be commanded; it is ultimately a feeling that is either there or not, nor can it be produced by the will. Whoever wants to eliminate love is preparing to eliminate man as such. Pope Benedict XVI’s recent encyclical, Caritas in Veritate, calls for businesses to play a role in authentic human development.

Did Christianity really destroy eros? This is love in its most radical form. She knows that she will only contribute to the salvation of the world if, rather than carrying out her own projects, she places herself completely at the disposal of God’s initiatives.