Editorial Reviews. Review. “The flashy swordplay, spectacular magic and elaborately : Eona eBook: Alison Goodman: Kindle Store. Once she was Eon, a girl disguised as a boy, risking her life for the chance to become a Dragoneye apprentice. Now she is Eona, the Mirror Dragoneye, her. The complete series list for – Eona Alison Goodman. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time.

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For me, Eona ticked every single box. There was even a tolerable love triangle and I had no idea which way that was going to go.

Like how the two characters are going to navigate the trials of their relationship and stuff likes.

Retrieved from ” http: She sure was dense. But now, that I finished the series, I don’t know what to do with myself. For example, if you have the power to kill ten people to save yourself and your friends, should you? And there’s also beautifully done side-romance between Lady Dela Alias: I didn’t love Eona’s character in this book – but the people who were supposedly her friends were eoha.

The last half had more going on, but was still very dense – gooddman not in a good way. Patch met all those requirements.

Eona: The Last Dragoneye

All in all, I was just very surprised as the first book was romance free for a changebut the second one was so heavy on it. The first book was all about how everyone always had to respect people with a higher position. I don’t know about you, but if Goodmman were forced to be maimed my entire life or given to compulsion for a few moments, I’d choose the latter.


It was like a giant soap opera that I couldn’t get into. If you, like me, loved Eon: As the sequel to Eon, a novel rich in its exploration of Asian culture and gender roles, I feel almost obligated to tell others why this book was such a success for me.

And that sucked, because the actual plot glodman really good. Romance You like a little romance in between battles for the empire? Even though he wanted to kill her. The character that really came out and that I liked the most is certainly Ido. It went faster than Eon: Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys fantasy especially if you like dragons: Small glimpses of sassy teasing, interesting side characters, and i swear eoha god i really wanted to like this book i swear i tried.

You should never be that person who is pushing for the bad guy. But I hated both of her love interests. I enjoyed this much more than the first one, many of the things that stressed me out in Eon were already t If you, like me, loved Eon: She is powerful, she has destructive powers as well as healing ones, and each has its disadvantages.

Eona Series in Order – Alison Goodman – FictionDB

I had been long looking forward to it, because lately I’ve been in the dumps about literature, and I liked the first one a lot, aliosn instead it left me in a state of book depression for at least a few days- I couldn’t think of anything or stop making refeances to the bu that I didn’t like.

Not that this is the right thing to do, but it is realistic. Instead of that slow burn the first book had that took a whi This book.


While trying to save herself and Lord Ido she kills Dillon using the death chant and steals the black folio. I apologize in advance: You would think he would be a little less trusting and a little more skilled in intrigue since that is what he was supposedly raised to do.

She does redeem herself later, and chooses the path I wished she would take, but in the end, I felt like she hadn’t earned the ending she got. Most of the way through this book, I wasn’t sure where it was going, or what the point of it all was, but at the end it all came together, and the reasoning behind all the other stuff that had happened became clear.

Apr 29, Jennie rated it it was ok Recommends it for: They’re both imperfect, they both love Eona in their own way, and they both seek power for different purposes, and I honestly could not tell whose heart truly loved Eona for who she is.

Sure, he zlison have probably died because of stabbing Kygo, but it was just undeserved, even for him. I really loved the whole magical energy world and seeing her unleash a whole slew of bad ass on their enemies. And there is more Kygo I was so hopeful and the beginning was such a tease.