New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery returns to Blackberry Island with the poignant tale of two sisters on the verge of claiming their dreams. Evening Stars (A Blackberry Island Novel) [Susan Mallery] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New York Times bestselling author Susan. Two sisters are taking stock of their lives amid emotional insecurity when an unexpected treasure gives them the chance to have everything.

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But as fun as all this romance is, Nina has real life to deal with. Nina handled the scheduling and conducted the tour.

Or at least vow to eat her brownies one at a time. Normally the gift bags were filled by their receptionist before the event, but she had forgotten the stickers last time, so Nina had taken over the task. A novel about familial relationships with a little romance on the side.

EVENING STARS by Susan Mallery | Kirkus Reviews

Small-town nurse Nina Wentworth has made a career out of being a caretaker. When she’s about to have sex after a long drought, she thinks “Her thighs were flabby, her tummy too fat and her breasts hadn’t been perky in staars least three years Nina stared at the items in the box. The first one was by far the best in the series.

She has spent most of her time, atars she was twelve, taking care of her flaky mother and younger sister.



She had a collection of brightly colored fun shirts in her closet. However there will be many who love this one and I am happy about that. Nina breathed a sigh of relief. She also had quite an attitude problem with almost anything Nina would say to her. After her cell connected to the Bluetooth, malley called the local sheriff’s department and explained what happened.

Why didn’t she just drive over the bridge and head toward Seattle?

Junk was probably more accurate, but even Nina avoided the “j” word as much as possible. Her heart for animals has led Susan to become an active supporter of the Seattle Humane Society.

Nina’s feckless mother is a lesbian, which could have been ugly, if her fecklessness was presented as a result of her sexual orientation. I need to talk to my parents about my ancestors. If she gets the maximum, it’s a ten year prison sentence malery a twenty thousand dollar fine. But as fun as all this romance is, Nina has real life to deal with. She was still battling morning sickness.

On the feminism plus side, Nina does recognize “No, a man wasn’t the way out. Although Susan majored in Accounting, she never worked as an accountant because she was published straight out of college with two books the same month.

She hung up before he could offer advice on hiring policies and turned up the hill. Don’t keep saying you lorve him to death and then accepting a date with some stupid chap, and stringing him along for nothing! I liked the fact that her mother had a lover and partner named Bertie – a woman who seems to be her anchor and takes care of Bonnie the mother basically like Nina does.


Because while Mike would come get her and give her a lift home, he wasn’t psychic. As she climbed higher and higher, the view got better, but when she parked across from the three Queen Anne houses at the very top of the hill, mallert to enjoy the spectacular combination of sky and ocean was the last thing on her mind. She resents Nina being the responsible mother figure but still loves her. Her partner, Bertie, is presented in largely positive ways. The candlesticks were silver evning actually worth something.

The characters weave their way into your system and you want to see them bloom. Want me to run it? Preview — Evening Stars by Susan Mallery.

The family drove me nuts, each of them made their place and knew what they were doing, even as they wanted a change. She did start to change pretty quickly.

During the process, she’d fallen in love with her contractor.