Find great deals for Fluke A Digital Multimeter. Shop with confidence on eBay!. This unit is being sold “AS-IS”. Internal Battery Option. Unit works on battery or AC. Note battery probably will need charging. Did not test for battery life. This manual contains complete operating and maintenance instructions for the Fluke Models A and A Digital Multimeters. The information presented in.

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If the circuit loading error is significant, use the appropriate formula contained in Figure 0 to calculate the percentage of error. Select the conductance function, 2 mS range on the Multimeter. When the unknown input voltage equals full range, the read period is extended.

InstaD the center mounting bracket as shown in Figure ,-4 and secure it to the mounting panel using the nuts provided. However, it can handle overloads of up to 12A. The basic clock frequency is produced by dividing the 3.

Table lists the test points in the instrument. High Resistance Measurements Conductance When CM changes polarity, the digital controller has counted clock pulses. In waveforms where the positive and negative half-cycles have different peak voltages, the higher voltage is used in computing the crest factor. The screws are located at the right front of the instrument. Note the possible causes of the malfunction under the Possible Cause heading. OV 10 kHz If the input voltage is higher than the limit of the range selected, an overrange indication is displayed.


Most multimeters in use today have average- responding ac converters rather than true-rms converters like the A and 80 12 A. Use the following formula, with the values obtained in Steps 1 and 2, to determine the total rms value of the signal: CAUTION Do not connect the power cable to the instrument before verifying that the intended source matches the ac line configuration of the instrument.

The protection circuit must protect two separate parts, the 10 mA current source and the input to the op amp circuit. Refer to Figureitem 5 for the location of the fuse holder. Install the transistor and connect the test fixture to the Multimeter see preceding paragraphs.

Malfunctions which occur within the limits of the warranty will be corrected at no charge. For all measurements, select the highest range that will provide the required resolution of the measurement. Figure, part A shows a simplified schematic of the Input Signal Conditioner for voltage measurements.

Digital Multimeter A Equipment Fluke, John, Mfg. Co

Use the following procedure to verify the proper operation of the LCD; 1. Basic timing is provided by a quartz crystal Yl.

Install the side mounting brackets as shown in Figureand secure them to the f,uke panel using the nuts provided. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. It is the type with a wire thread in a glass envelope.


When ordering an ‘ accessory, include its rhodel name and number. The 2 kO range is preferred and is marked with a larger diode symbol on the front panel of the instrument.

Signals on the 20V range can now be measured fluje the mV function of U3. Momentarily set the instrument to the 20V range.

Fluke 8012A FOR RENT

A troubleshooting guide for your instrument is give in Table Diode Leakage Tests Conductance It is sometimes necessary to measure an ac signal riding on a dc level. Fluke A Digital Multimeter. The voltage developed across the shunt is processed cluke same as all other current measurements.

The line frequency, as set at the factory, is indicated on a decal attached to the bottom of your Multimeter. Capacitor Cl starts to discharge at a known rate. These two circuit groups work together as follows: The overrange pulse will also cause the digital controller to restart the auto-zero period.

The critical circuits are protected from input voltages above V in the following manner: Use the following procedure to install two Multimeters, side-by-side, using the Dual Mounting Kit: The specifications for the Rechargeable Battery Option are given in Table