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Forge World – Elysian Drop Troops, all miniatures

FW is a business and if rhino doors sell then that’s what they’ll focus on. Loads more to come. They probably have a minimum number they have to manufacture in order to be able to turn a profit at a given price, and unless they’re going to raise the price of the kit to offset the cost of the smaller production runs which will probably further reduce the amount of people buying itit’s a losing proposition for them.

You are aware 30k happens at any point in the Horus Heresy, not necessarily after Dorn killed Alpharius?

I lost my original Foreworld with the demise of WarSeer, but will try to rebuild it from the images I captured during the building and painting process. I mean, can you blame them?

Never cared for the rules for them, just used them as regular guard.


Likeing these guys a lot, looking really good. The long painting war continues Same with Kasrkin and Daemonettes, those looked awesome, but didnt stick around. Still one of my favourite models from Forge World! Networks News blog Where to find more information Help. Thank you Cap’n Facebeard, the trade for the Elysian Weapons sprue was an unexpected bonus and allowed for some experimentation, like this Elysian Officer, heavily converted to double grip on a Plasma Pistol.

I just don’t understand why? Shame forge world haven’t added more to the range. At least elysians can drop their lasguns in rapid fire range. They’re discontinuing the Reaper too. If you are already a member then feel free to login now. The pre-pinning meant that when I was ready to join the two halves it was easy with some 5 minute epoxy as the pins held both halves in place. They just can’t excite anyone with their outdated Heresy kits, or with another variation of Custodes models.

Parts Parts Valkyrie assembled in record time. The thing that pisses me off is all they need are slightly different heads.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I love how people are acting so outraged over the discontinuation of models they probably haven’t thought about in years. This multi-part resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble an Aurox Armoured Transport.

Some of the models all purchased with the free shipping offer, but still far more expensive than I was planning…damn you Kelly and your pawning off Foreworld models to me! The army was started in when the Taros Campaign and the Anphelion Project books were recent Forge World productions. If anyone considers Forgeworld to be anything other than Warhammer 30k they’re just kidding themselves. It does seem odd to have a sniper pose on a meltagunner, though, as they practically need to shoot someone from 2 foot away.


Plasma Guns on kneeling bodies.

Captain Brown Paints Forge World Elysian Drop Troopers – + pictures – Forum – DakkaDakka

Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net. Unless your army is a forge world line up that hasn’t been touched in a decade you’re probably fine. Sorry to jack your thread with countless questions lol.

I think those bases look pretty good, actually. Redo the guard models, and sell it as a basic, barebones, 10 generic guys with lasguns kit.

Now back to the original start, I started fitting the Drop Troopers together and found some chronic issues, the heads tended to be hunched over so the back necks needed some trimming and the running legs would need to be pinned or the model was bent into an foegeworld position.