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Forgeworlc you are already a member then feel free to login now. Redo the guard models, and sell it as a basic, barebones, 10 generic guys with lasguns kit. No adverts like this in the forums anymore. CATS- You have no chance to survive make your time.

The Aurox Armoured Transport is one of the earliest examples of this vision of a single standard for equipping the Imperial Army. I also experimented with the prone models that came in the Elysian Special Weapons Melta kit. Matt Crowther April 20, 1 Comment. How does elysina work??? This multi-part resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble an Aurox Armoured Transport. They have a ton of great Guard options.

DO NOT post point values for weapons and upgrades in your army lists, only the total point value of the unit. Now down memory lane.

I don’t need them to have tits and ass, just more feminine chins really. Torgeworld would argue that they are a slightly stronger scion army thanks to being able to take double the infantry models.


The vintage space marine armour squads have been really successful, and have undercut the need for some of the Forgeworld legion kits.

Forge World – Elysian Drop Troops, all miniatures | – Miniatures Collectors Guide

Guard as a whole need redoing, flat out. Thanks Cap’n Facebeard, this is why I circled the parts to help out.

Skip to content Trending Topics: Fliers and deep strike have been hugely restricted I think for the better but that leaves the elysians in a rough spot. I love how people are acting so outraged over the discontinuation of models they probably haven’t thought about in years.

The elysians have basically been forgot about forgewkrld in 8th. As D did not have PCS units or the two minimum infantry squads per platoon.

Forge World – Elysian Drop Troops, all miniatures

Forgesorld Brown Longtime Dakkanaut Canada. Instead of attempting to build an army on the cheap and create one from other players discards and cast offs, my Elysian Drop Trooper Army was pure Forge World Gamer porn.

They just can’t excite anyone with their outdated Heresy kits, or with another variation of Custodes models.

He’s loving looking at the cool spaceships now lol. Id want the femguard to have short hair too. It does seem odd to have a sniper pose on a meltagunner, though, as they practically need to shoot someone from 2 foot away. I guess the other Sigmar stuff just wasn’t selling flysian. And the imperial knight household article was part advertisement for the clear airbrush paint forgeworld stopped making.

Surely if they’re the ones in charge of every facet of production AND sales, they can reduce the amount of models produced, and continue to produce only what the sales permit?


I was really hoping they’d do something special for Kharadons, even if it was just a new hero, elite crew and a small personal ship. Contact form or mail miniset. Elysian Drop-Troops are being discontinued. Elysian Drop Troop Squad. Really enjoyed painting this guy, elyskan need to get the new plastic ones to join him!

Admitedly, not the most practical haircuts, but it’s 20 heads a box, and still first party. Skip to main content. So back to the progress on the Elysians, first the Vulture Gunship. Published by Matt Crowther. I know there’s a recast on one website of the Finecast Warp Spiders but God forbid we try to get some variety out of the extremely limited range we are left with.

Elysian Drop-Troops are being discontinued. : Warhammer40k

Times and dates in your local timezone. Captain -What you say? It would be nice to see some give to go with this take but unfortunately I think it will just mean less IG models at the end of the day. You can also see I did paint the elysuan of the fuselage prior to assembly.

I wouldn’t care about any of this, if GW wasn’t so damn anal about 3rd party models. Totally agree they are great scuplts though. I shot them later in the evening and this photo seems to be a favourite of Russian Forge World sites, it has been posted without permission on a couple of them.