Lukáš, together with Vodnář, are no novices when it comes to publishing and editing books by Franz Bardon. They are the team who, after years of research. At the end of April , during the Prague Hermetic Conference, our editor, Lukas Louzecky, had a talk about his recent discoveries about Franz Bardon. In , the spirit of a high Hermetic adept entered the body of a fourteen-year- old child named Franz Bardon, destined to become one of the most remarkable.

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Anyone who has thoroughly studied the occult sciences will not find it difficult to judge lodges, orders, sects and groups. Compiled by Dieter Rueggeberg from the notes of Bardon’s students in Prague, it represents his oral teachings on the nature of the magical universe. Fraantisek is a quality.

Using the common German alphabet, Frabtisek guides the reader through ever greater levels of Kabbalistic achievement. The practice of medial writing has already been discussed. The first two works, addressing the first two Tarots, are pre-requisite to understanding and making use of the third work. The knowledge you gain will be invaluable for your further development.

Franz Bardon Photos

Pacts between sorcerers and demons are explained, as well as the preparation and loading of amulets and talismans and the true significance of the Book of Formulas. The third plain, the mental plain, is also explained; it is the sphere of thought which has its origin in the world of ideas.

The reader will receive first-hand knowledge about the principles of fire, air, water and earth, the positive and negative attributes of these elements, and how these elements affect the human body.

From the Hermetic point of view, a Kabbalist or theurgist is, in his own body, a representative of the macrocosmic deity bardno our earth.

Franz Bardon’s Hermetic Magic

This is only a fragment of a manuscript Bardon was working on but never completed. The qualitative life reflects in a human being through polarized radiation of the elementary attributes.


Frabato The Magician takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the spiritual world and also behind the veil of a world that exists here on earth, of which most people are completely unaware. A learned man will be able to say a lot about magic, Quaballah, etc. Bardon also posited “electric” and “magnetic” forces, which are used more as terms for the universal active and passive forces, respectively.

They also help every profession and trade, whether or not they are magicians. Bardo will is a fundamental attribute of the spirit; it is an aspect of the universal Fire element.

Franz Bardon Frabato

This two-letter key will be especially appreciated by formula magicians who are oversensitive. Chapter 2 Magical Aids. Also the ten Kabbalistic keys are explained, and an explanation is given as to their significance.

The essential and relevant part of the book is the revelation that Franz Bardon was the last reincarnation of the spirit embodied by Hermes Trismegistus, the esoteric creator of Hermeticism and the founder of Freemasonry, who, contrary to what Freemasons think, paid the karma that Generated when he lived as Hermes Trismegistus, because the masonic idea of how the Laws of the Universe work The Law of God or Divine Justice does not correspond to the ideas of Bardon.

The immutable law of cause and effect is explained, not only as it applies to human beings, but also how it applies to the elements. Love is quantity, because it can be measured. You will find more information in one Bardon book than in a hundred other books on this subject. It exists on every plane in accordance with circumstances and causes. By exactly observing the guidelines which have been franfisek here in regards to the appropriate attitude and the preparation of all magical instruments, the magician calls forth within himself an extremely strong state of manifestation of belief, will and all the attributes of the law.

Some writers make mention of the cosmic language which they sometimes term the Uranian language. When the magician uses his magical instruments he must be in a state of complete rapture.


He must treat them with an almost religious awe, because the more carefully, the more precisely, and the more attentively they are handled, the more effective they will be.

Whatever vrantisek, as God’s representative, bardkn in the original language will occur, for frrantisek has the same power as the creator, as God. And again in other religious systems they speak of “formulas” and so on. However, before the sentence could be carried out the prison in which he was being held was bombed.

Bardon’s training system is comprehensive. In the Spanish Edition by, [4] there are false information published about Adolf Hitler, who is said to have belonged to Lodge 99 and to the Thule Order of Tibetan black magicians.

Evidence regarding the events related in this book will be reserved for people trained and developed in magic.

However, if you go beyond reading and you dedicate your time to the practice, the results will be enlightening. This book not only contains the theory necessary to practice the Kabbalah, but it also provides the step by step practice.

Its power or quantity is that much greater the more the life of a human being is threatened, as for example in the case of fatal diseases, serious accidents, war and so on. From the Bafdon When you start the badon of this second volume in Bardon’s series on Hermetics, you will already work with the fruits of the first volume. The “I” consciousness contains all the fundamental attributes of the spirit, the Fire, Air and Water elements which are the will, intellect and feelings, love and life.