This new edition of Franz Bardon: Questions & Answers — The Great Arcanum includes 9 Charts of Virtues and Passions as defined by the Four Elements of. franz bardon questions answers pdf. The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage â €“ all 3 books. Posted on | June 23, | 63 Comments. The. Sacred Magic of. Download Franz Bardon: Questions & Answers and The Great Arcanum – by Dieter Rueggeberg.

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This new edition of Franz Bardon: Not only does Franz Bardon: A must for all Franz Bardon students. Order Your Copy at Amazon.

Franz Bardon: Questions & Answers and The Great Arcanum – by Dieter Rueggeberg

The nine charts of virtues and passions included in this new edition of Franz Bardon: All ailments, physical and astral, originate from our carnal desires, which are the cause of all our failures, because they are passions.

Pride is the most destructive passion, love the most constructive virtue. Not only does this apply individually, but also to families, groups of people, nations, and to an even greater extent to our planet. Whatever applies to the microcosm, our body, soul, and spirit also applies to the macrocosm, our planet. Through passions, mankind is also responsible for our weather and related catastrophes by making changes in nature, e.

The weather is also subject to the four elements as grsat everything else. If you have attempted the exercises in the Franz Bardon books, and tried to succeed again and again and you stopped and started the practice, you will find the causes for your lack of success in these charts.

An imbalance [ailment] of the soul is caused by passions; this imbalance can cause a person to become fdanz murderer, a thief, a liar, etc. If we made the effort, then those people who are afflicted with these ailments of the soul could be healed. But instead of being helped, they are punished. That is why thousands of years ago judges were appointed to help these people, and not to incarcerate or dispense death sentences to those whose souls are ill.


Any person or nation that possesses pride is always at war and is therefore afflicted with the most severe soul-ailments possible.

The following is an excerpt from Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon, which points out what is required by our body, frranz which also applies to the macrocosm. Our entire life depends upon the continuous supply of burnable substances, that is, from nourishment and through wuestions. A supply of various kinds of nourishment, which contain the fundamental substances of the elements is advisable, so that every element receives the necessary substances for its preservation.

Franz Bardon: Questions & Answers and The Great Arcanum by Dieter Rueggeberg

If we were dependent throughout our entire lives upon one kind of nourishment, our bodies would definitely become ill; that is, a disharmony would be caused in the body. Through the decomposition of nourishment and air, the elements are supplied with the substances that maintain them, and their activity is also sustained in this manner.

That is the natural way of life for a human being. Should one or another element lack the necessary energy-substance or fuel, there would be an immediate reaction.

This lack manifests itself in the functions, which are affected by it. For example, when the Fire element in the body reaches a higher level of effectiveness due to a lack of nourishment among other elements, we feel thirsty; when the Air element becomes more effective, we feel hungry; when the Water element becomes more effective, we feel cold; and when the Earth element becomes more effective, we feel tired.


A satiation of the elements in the body calls forth intensified effects in the particular area. Should there be a preponderance: It can manifest externally, for example in the elderly mostly though an urge for increased physical activity or creative work. In other words, you must purify and cleanse yourself of your passions.

Replacing them with positive character traits will eliminate all ailments, which are considered curable or incurable, as well as all other srcanum and predicaments.

This can be accomplished quite easily if and when an individual, or a nation, spends his time productively on getting well, rather than embracing and maintaining his or her ailments by administering poison; everyone who is ill would get well, because there is only one way a person can kill himself or be killed, and that is through passions. However, nowadays the entire focus of individuals and nations is directed toward remaining sick by embracing ailments instead of health.

The reason for this is that health is not profitable but illness and death are. That is why truth has the smallest audience, but plenty of enemies.

Franz Bardon Books on Hermetics

In conclusion, Franz Breat provided these newly-found charts to his students in Prague. For every student to use them effectively requires no further instruction or explanation, as everything has been thoroughly explained by Franz Bardon in Initiation into Hermetics.

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