Farther Away has ratings and reviews. MJ said: Franzen’s second collection of non-fic trimmings is as strong as his first, albeit slacking on t. Farther Away: Essays [Jonathan Franzen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this incisive collection of speeches and essays, Jonathan. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for ‘Freedom’ ‘Deeper, funnier, sadder and truer than a work Farther Away: Essays – Kindle edition by Jonathan Franzen.

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He spared me, mostly, probably because he detected how compliant, fragile and slow-witted not stupid – I am not especially stupid, but I am slow-witted I was and generally what poor sport I would be in such an encounter, how easily hurt. It was not as good as I remembered it being, but I thought, well maybe now m Here is a story about Jonathan Franzen: A related phenomenon is the ongoing transformation, courtesy of Facebook, of the verb ‘to like’ from a state of mind to an action that you perform with your computer mouse: Fiction was his way off the island.

One of the great burdens of genius is boredom; one of the great gifts of mediocrity is the ability to be easily amused. It sucks and despite Wallace’s professorial career track, he had enough clout outside academia to not sink into the sad sorry state of the failed academic writer. May 28, Terry Heller rated it really liked it. Now, I picked up this well-written collection of essays and had the same reaction: Dec 29, Kyle Sergeant rated it really liked it.

Farther Away by Jonathan Franzen – review | Books | The Guardian

I don’t typically find reading challenging in this way, which sums up Franzen’s brilliance. Unfortunately he beats these strengths to death in Farther Away, which is nowhere near as str Few contemporary American writers are as good at ridiculing contemporary America as Jonathan Franzen is.


Franzen is in love with love, he is a true believer – throughout these essays, he mulls over his failed first marriage and the promise of love. So I admired the courage it took to revisit the site of these serial traumas in print. Because I happen to agree with him, I found his diatribes against the way people interact with their individual bits of modern technology rather refreshing.

Although I will continue to admire Jonathan Franzen’s writing abilities, I will no longer feel the need to pick up his works.

Farther Away

Cosa que en realidad no es tan poco. I ordered my own copy and once it comes I will be able to re-read some of the amazing essays and write something maybe deeper. The message, in each case, is that if you love somebody you should buy stuff. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Wallace, like my genius friend, had no use for such things, for knickknacks and photo collections and gluing stamps into albums.

Farther Away by Jonathan Franzen

Once installed on the island — installed in the sense of barely able to erect his tent — Franzen reflects on the ludicrousness of the endeavour “I hadn’t felt so homesick since, possibly, the last time I’d camped by myself”the rise of the novel in the age of Defoe and on his “friendship of compare and contrast and in a brotherly way compete” with Wallace. Okay summer is behind us and I am gradually getting caught up with matters that I have postponed addressing.

I have read just about all of Franzen’s novels and an earlier book of essays and I like what he writes. The last paragraphs of the tale are both delicious and nauseating. But even after seeing the wild birds being shot by poachers and left to die in traps, he is overcome by the urge to pop a few himself. The second essay of note is on autobiographical fiction and contains an interesting and informative insight into Mr.


The struggle to be a good human being, against the pulls of solipsism and narcissismcan be glimpsed in every page of these essays, which if nothing else offer a telling battle report from within the consciousness of one of our major novelists. Whatever I most hated, at a particular moment, became the thing I wanted to write about.

Then we spend our adulthoods covering up the sell-outs we are that’s a good subject for a novel, eh? And this is why love, as I understand it, is always specific. When drinking, he would use this gift in ways that can only be described as diabolical. Jonathan Franzen is one of my favorite writers. This, to me, is the dark side of memoir culture. This collection of “essays”, however, is an uneven, avian mishmosh that lacks cohesion, and is at times somewhat boring.

Farther Away is a collection of essays by the American writer Jonathan Franzen.

He suffers so you don’t have to! What makes this especially strange is the near-perfect absence, in his fiction, of ordinary love. Not quite sure where the ‘interview with New York State’ fits in, buts it’s there nonetheless.

He had a knack for that sort of thing. This too was a humiliating aspect of my friendship with a genius.

The centrepiece of that earlier collection was an essay in which Franzen lamented, analysed and ended up surmounting the difficulties of writing novels in an age when everyone had better ie worse things to do than read ’em. Hudson rated it liked it.