Documentation. Spaces . Powered by a free Atlassian Confluence Open Source Project License granted to Evaluate. Welcome to the Sangoma Documentation site for all Sangoma Products. Feel free to browse our content and comment. If you would like to help contribute. We are going to walk through a simple and typical setup of FreePBX. It would be impossible to teach you through a single wiki how to configure.

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We have also created a tag in docuentation issue tracker called “patches welcome” for items that seem like solid ideas but we do not have official resources for. In our example we will use SIPStation for our trunking. These instructions will walk you through basic configuration, including setting an IP address, creating a phone template, setting up a line key, mapping the phone to an extension, installing firmware, and applying phone config files.

Please refer to your specific phone’s instructions. For example, a single IVR might lead to three different destinations with 4 being another IVR, which then gives a caller more choices.

FreePBX Distro First Steps After Installation – PBX Platforms – Documentation

Calls come into your system on trunks that fdeepbx configured in the Trunks module. Asterisk phone system operation end-user documentation Table of Contents. In the Line Keys section, select Type: Your IVR system can be simple, with just a few options, or it can be complex with multiple options and even multiple IVRs.

Detailed instructions are found below.

We try very hard once something documentatioon part of the project to take on the commitment of maintaining and supporting it and making sure that future upgrades of the project will continue to work with the Modules that are part of it.


EndPoint Manager helps you quickly and easily configure a phone. Please see our Ring Groups Module wiki for more information.

The Conferences module frrepbx you to set up a docukentation room where multiple callers can join in a conversation. The caller can then leave a voice message. Visit the Time Condition module and click on the edit button next to the time condition. Note Follow Me is now enabled for the extension, and calls will immediately begin flowing to the extension’s follow-me list unless you disable Follow Me.

You will still be able to login with the users set up in Administrators as long as their username does not exist in User Manager. Click the Add Extension button. In order to do that, we need to carefully evaluate what officially enters the system since adopting a documentatino has many implications. While on a call, the phone will display a softkey labeled “Conf” in the lower-left corner area of the display.

A temporary override remains in effect until you toggle the time condition again, or until documentationn system reaches the next match in your time group, whichever comes first. If configured, the “Call Forward” softkey is used to enable or disable call forwarding. See Feature Codes Module for more information. Always be sure that your message to callers matches the options that are set up in the IVR. The feature code reference list shows all the available phone system feature codes.

SIPStation allows you to create multiple locations within the same account. In this example, an documentaion Staff” voice mail blast group has been created at that will send a voice mail to all voice mailboxes.


You can route inbound calls to a time condition in order to send them to different destinations based on time of day. To view the override status in the Time Conditions module: New module submissions are a regularly occurring event and you will find many modules that have been submitted as tarballs in the Ticket system that are not available in the online system.

These guidelines can help both new and seasoned programmers when developing for FreePBX.

Asterisk phone system operation end-user documentation

You may now log out. When users dial the specific feature code, they can re-record the message directly from their phone without visiting the System Recordings module. By default, there is a parking lot timeout of 90 seconds. In case the caller does not enter anything, or makes an invalid entry, the IVR can send the caller to an alternate destination the “invalid destination”. Click the Yes button next to “Enabled.

General changes

Development Documentation is critical as well. Choose an automatic backup schedule, if desired. You can modify the settings as needed or create new routes. In our case, with a Digium D70, our line key lights up green whenever our time condition is met open for business.