FVWM is an ICCCM-compliant multiple virtual desktop window .. it is also possible to manually set a size using the Geometry command. This chapter contains the manual pages for the FVWM Virtual Window With fvwm’s virtual desktop, windows which do not appear on the screen do not actually. Fvwm provides both a large virtual desktop and multiple disjoint desktops which can be used separately or together. The virtual desktop allows you to pretend.

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Only desktops which contain windows or are currently being displayed are active. After fvwm starts, each screen is treated independently. With a multibyte language, as multibyte font works well only if the locale encoding is the charset of the fontyou should mankal an iso font: It is obsolete and may be removed in the future. It causes fvwm to not display the desktop num- ber before the desktop name. If the menu item specification is Nop ” “, then a blank line is inserted.

A is for any context except for title-bar buttons.

The number of simultaneously executing modules is limited by the operating system’s maximum number of simultaneously open files, usually between 60 and Menu is a very similar command, but the menus it opens are slightly less transient. This is used to cope with ill-mannered applications that use long-lived windows of this sort, contrary to ICCCM conventions. Also, because fvwm implements some functions in user defined macros that mwm implements internally, the mapping of prohibited functions is partially based on the menu item label.

The window containing the menu is placed as any other window would be.

Only available with the M4 compile-time option. However, in practice the characters used range over your locale charset this is the case when you generate a menu with fvwm-menu-desktop with recent versions ,anual KDE and GNOME. Windows using SloppyFocus acquire focus when the pointer moves into them and retain focus until some other window acquires it.


Or you could as the title of this question alludes to use these functions to change decors, and so forth. PopupImmediately makes menu manuql with sub menus pop up it up as soon as the pointer enters the item. Therefore, it can be used multiple times without reopening it.

Miscellaneous Commands BugOpts [ option [ bool ]], Automati- cHotkeys, PopupActiveArea DestroyMenu Utilities DestroyMenuStyle menustyle Deletes the menu style named menustyle and changes all menus using this style to the default style, you cannot manuao the default menu style.

A specific foreground color may be used by providing the color name as an argument to ActiveFore.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

ScrollOffPage disables this behaviour. By default, fvwm allocates reserves a color in its palette only if it needs this color. To leave either coordinate unchanged, ” keep ” can be specified in place of x or y.

Any type of menu can have sub menus. Up to three labels can be used. When it is used, menu items will be grey-ed out if MWM would prohibit their use, but the user can go ahead and select that item, and it will operate as expected.

FVWM Documentation

Scroll horizonal vertical Scrolls the virtual desktop’s viewport by horizontal pages in the x-direction, and vertical pages in the y- direction.

Save all GVim sessions with: GlobalOpts [ options ] As announced in the past, this command has been removed. This is the color used to highlight the current viewport in the pager window. If the optional argument Warp is speci- fied the pointer is warped with the window. PagerBackColor colorname Causes the pager background color to be colorname, instead of white.

DestroyMenuStyle pixmap1 Menu menu-name [ position ] [ double-click-action ] Causes a previously defined menu to be popped up in a sticky manner. As seen by ProtocolRevision 3. An exclamation point ‘! Commands that are executed from a function defined with the Function command, from the Read or PipeRead commands or by a menu are not repeated. Manjal some windows flicker annoyingly while being moved, this option may help you. By default this option is turned on. With the proper SelectOnRelease menu style see example above a window manhal selected as soon as you release the Alt key.


Even the slightest nuances can be changed to the user’s liking, including the menu item fonts, the background, delays before popping up sub menus, generating menus dynamically and many other features. This can be very useful to navigate the menu if the pointer tends to stray off the menu. See the –color-limit option to fvwm.

Height is the percentage of the full height to be used. The above three commands are equivalent to a thickness of 2, 1 and 0.

FVWM Audio Client Manual Page

The number of simultaneously executing modules is limited by the operating system’s maximum number of ffwm open files, usually between 60 and If you do not want to change one color or the other, use – as its color name. QtDragnDropWorkaround suppresses the forwarding of unknown ClientEvent messages to windows — usually this is harmless, but Qt has problems handling dvwm ClientEvent messages. This id can be used with the Deschedule com- mand to remove the scheduled command before it is executed.

Insert opens the “More An empty menu-label “” and the Nop function are used to insert a separator into the menu. It is permissible to specify geometries which place windows on the virtual desktop, but off the screen.