Lietuvoje GEO zurnalas dovanoja jums dalelyte turkiskos atmosferos. Spalvingasis Stambulas. BALTICA yra tarptautinis periodinis mokslo leidinys, skirtas Baltijos šalių regiono ir jūros problemoms spręsti. Žurnalas (tuomet – metraštis) įsteigtas m. Title: Nida Art Colony Log 06 / Nidos meno kolonijos žurnalas Nr. 6, Author: an international, open and free online-map, provides geo-data for INDEXMAP.

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The opposite of places patronised by gods and well-wishing spirits would be daunt- ing, cursed places where any human activity or even visiting is often prohibited by the tradition or unacceptable due to a lethal danger to the body and especially to the soul. Authenticity expresses the degree of consistency attributed to the technofact and the actual identiication of the object; the notion of authenticity should not be con- fused with the notion of originality. Feci, quod potui, faciant meliora potentes.

In this article, the above notions are being used in the sense assigned by these deinitions. The basis of the heritage narration is the interpretation of the results of scientiic research and evaluative analysis of technofacts, allowing the public to realize the signiicance 58 See footnote 2. It must be considered, that the above items are easiest to disperse, thus jeopardizing the integrity of the resource.

The ongoing decentralisation of roles and resources to local authorities and private initiators, increasing attention to va- cant properties and to redesignation, together with growing controls on cultural history within spatial planning, all call for integration of methods and participation of stakehold- ers in the process of valuation. Plato identiied the origin of genius with conscience as a communication channel be- tween the universal Spirit and human soul psyche.

Diversity of cultural expression of technical heritage resources is created by the multiplicity of forms and variety of functional and usable features of the technofacts, starting with the decorum of a technical object, through highlighting technical issues in the visual arts, entertainment, music, literature and in electronic multimedia, up to their coexistence along with other culture products encountered in public spaces, historic environment including landscape and social life.


National Geographic (žurnalas) – Vikipedija

Names of technical operations and apropriate tools, the necessary qualiications and skills for carrying out the process of brewing salt can be considered as elements of intangible heritage. The pre-requisite at the outset must be a comprehensive analy- sis covering value assessment as well. From heritage values to character-defining elements in praxis Carsten Hermann, Dennis Rodwell. All of these aspects of evaluation are included in the above presented TECHNITAS method for the heritage of technology values assessment, and the name of the method derives from the combination of syllables of words from the this study motto: It is a relic of the attribute to techno-aesthetic value in actu, which can be interpreted also as an intangible heritage element: Yet, as it was already mentioned, there was action taken following the demolition of the department store Merkurijus, and the funeral home was listed as a heritage property of local sig- niicance in just after 31 year since its construction, and a few days before the mentioned fraudulent deal [32].

The inventory asks for valuation desk research, as well as a PVE for the excava- tion on the material itself.

GEO (žurnalas)

More transparency using integrated guidelines for the inventory research Finding the same language, collaboration between experts should not be that compli- cated because they adopt virtually the same scientiic approach. They difer from cultural history value in that they relate to the current meaning.

His initial duty was to created and stimulate the Industrial Revolution in Polish Kingdom. The generalised lists at the time featured nearly objects situated all over Lithuania [33]. The overall recommendation class RC should be speciied by evaluating each component, its condition CC and risk RC expressed by four classes: Cultural memory is continually being shaped in the processes of remembering and forgetting, under inluence of the family history narration, education, media and social engineering interactions of the power or persuasion of centers or groups, and also by individual cognitive activities.

The ield of research of this paper is underpinned by the conviction that we have to accept the challenge of re-examining the value of Soviet heritage in order to move the discourse of such heritage from the level of memories and personal experiences into the realm of historical truth. Finally the repair itself will inluence once again the value. A sketch of Merkurijus department store, Already few years, Poland takes part in the European Heritage Label procedure.


Within one assessment experts do follow the same process to answer the questions of the local or national policy. It includes all aspects of the environment resulting from the interaction between people through time.

GEO (žurnalas) – Vikipedija

Afelt and be stimulated intellectually, while illing his or her cognitive frame with a new con- tent. The historical events associated with technofact. Cultural significance is perceived by communities and individuals which as- sign diferent values to the technofacts, the combination of which creates the rank of their socio-cultural importance, determined by the past, current and future contexts.

A speciic manufacturing facility or zirnalas engineering structure exist in a landscape, being in diferent degree and in a diferent way associated with neigh- boring urban systems or natural areas. The contemporary conservation theory attempts to describe the complexity of heritage and its functions, regarding factors which determine the forms of its protection.

National Geographic (žurnalas)

Therefore a highly generalized outline of as- sessment criteria, also subject to discussion, is presented below. This tactics may be caused by an extremely per- sonalized perception of Soviet- period architecture or by some type of indiference to the work by the architects of senior generation, some of whom may gso be around. The social value concerns a particu- lar group or community rather zudnalas the individual.

In agreement with the author, it is important to note that he concludes this with a far- sighted anticipation that not all of the legacy of Soviet architecture should be safeguarded.

Others are complexes and multiple site op- erations or systems whose many components are interdependent, with difer- ent technologies and historical periods frequently present.