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The dialogue angered me. I suppose I have no reason to dislike the sex other than moral concerns that some would call prudish, and that’s fine. This article contains very little context, or is unclear to readers who know little gtaceling the book. So, back to that however.

Graceling is an rralm story about redemption and self-hatred. I like to have trainees go through an exercise where they consider who they are and then consider how they have been incorrectly perceived.

She seems the exact opposite of the tradition he favors and nothing like a woman he would want running his household. If you love someone, what’s wrong with committing yourself to them?

The lovers promise to reunite in a few months at Po’s castle. The worst part about him was the fact that his name was Po. View all 20 comments.

Review: Graceling (Graceling Realm #1) by Kristin Cashore – The Lit Bitch

I love the fact that she doesn’t care anything about marriage or having kids. And just when you start to get really excited about what the heroes will have to do, and think they’re backed into a corner, it ends suddenly. They convince the ship’s captain that they are acting for Prince Po, and make for Po’s castle. So I’m aware that many people love this book and it has an average of 4 stars, but it just wasn’t for me.


Katsa has been in the service of her uncle, King Randa, since she was a child, tasked with executing or torturing those who oppose or displease him. A Graceling is a person with Graced. View all 9 comments. She has some of the big Mary Sue tendencies. All three of these books are executed so well that your favorite will depend mostly on what themes touch you the most. I actually finish the book in one-sitting. Instead of your pearl-clutching, maybe take a moment to think: There’s no real story arc.

I read while brushing my teeth, I read while chopping parsley, the first thing I reached for when I woke up in the morning was my book; the only two places I didn’t read were in the car and in bed.

Katsa, who can kill anybody, whose powers are unique and like no other, who gets to live at the castle, has beautifully colored eyes, who is stronger than practically anybody in the kingdom.

His grace is sensing his surroundings which is kind of like mind reading but not. Katsa never plans on marrying, falling in love, or having children. Having a plot, unlike this trash.

But when she rescues an old man who has been kidnapped by a neighboring king, Katsa meets a man who is nearly her match in fighting, and discovers a mystery that threatens all of the kingdoms.

There is a well-developed and unique culture in the world, stemming from the struggles between Clan and Wizards, and the history is complex and believable.


The plot started to bore me and I suddenly disliked Katsa’s character after page or somewhere around that. In other words, I hate Katsa. She was interesting and I really saw her develop throughout the novel from interesting to boring. I thought for sure it was going to be a book about a girl who was confident about what she wanted from life but then had an intense experience that changed her worldview.

I couldn’t quite tell if this was incest or other physical violence. She can do her stuff, carry her own, and sacrifice even if it meant breaking her heart.

Because for me, thinking something is bad just because it’s feminine is literally the opposite of feminism. I mean, I enjoyed it a lot, and I’m being honest, I loved the first half! The idea that the main character and her love interest would consent knowingly to becoming lovers as the alternative to becoming man and wife is pretty repulsive to me.

But the biggest offense of the book was the main character. If only it worked without unscrupulous people taking advantage of the people who really believe in its ideals.

Review: Graceling (Graceling Realm #1) by Kristin Cashore

The parents’ guide to what’s in ccashore book. King Randa has turned her into a monster. Writing The writing was solid, enjoyable, if sometimes a little muddled.