What is a grimoire? The word has a familiar ring to many people, particularly as a consequence of such popular television dramas as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But the grimoire represents much more than just magic. As this book richly demonstrates, the history of grimoires illuminates many of the most. Review: Grimoires: A History of Magic Books by Owen DaviesJad Adams finds a mixture of the sacred and profane in books of spells.

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The 20th century research is lacking in places. This continued through out Greek and Roman times and finally reached Europe after the Crusades when Templars came into contact with Middle Eastern culture and spirituality. It must become the classic work on the subject.

Sects and Violence in the Ancient World. When defining what constitutes a “grimoire,” Davies focuses on conjuring and talismans. For example, Davies’ evidence shows a strong modern trend of First World-produced books and pamphlets being very influential in reshaping Third World systems of magical belief and practice. There was no shortage of court cases in the first years of the 20th century in the US citing the maleficent use of the seventh book of Moses for removing unwanted spouses and former friends in the so-called “hex murders”.

I found this book very educational and informational. Visions of Religion Stephen S. The ultimate condemnation of the teaching profession is well-deserved here. I was also unfamiliar with 19th and 20th century publications and their effects on Europe and South America. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Both types have proven remarkably resilient and adaptableand retain much of their relevance and fascination to this day.

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Baily, Iowa State University “Davies’ book is indeed a remarkable accumulation of exotic data Whether manuscripts or printed books, these texts became systematically degraded from their origins in a tolerant High Mediterranean Culture. The problem is the beginning was the part that was less enjoyable.


A widespread conspiracy theory grew up – reported from Africa, South America and the South Pacific – that the Europeans spreading Christianity were deliberately withholding some of the magic in the Bible, in order to keep them in a state hitory subjugation.

Of interest is that Owen Davies is not so much a true believer of magick with a k but a scholar who is fascinated with the often overlooked cultural history of it.

They are penned by people but often times false histories are ascribed to them. At times, it seems not much more than a compilation of information about these books century by century but this serves one important purpose – it strips away any notion that the bulk of these books served any other purpose than personal aggrandisement in an age of poverty and lack of welfare provision.

Davies certainly seems very loath to experiment with theory. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Maguc recommended for anyone into magic or the history of books.

View all 4 dwvies. At their most benign, these repositories of forbidden knowledge revealed how to make powerful talismans and protective amulets, and provided charms and conjurations for healing illness, finding love, and warding off evil. The pages on either side of histroy section of plates buckle.

The hisrory also adds a very large footnote to Hutton’s and others’ work on the rise of magic amongst the elite in the industrialising West. Their use under these circumstances says that ‘we the people’ will, in your lack of dialogue with us, choose our oowen experts and our own ways of intermediation with life amd matter. D Do you believe in magic?

Satanist Anton LaVey came up with his own but he was more honest then the most. The text reads like a second draft — hkstory comprehensible, but filled with small errors that together add up to a big problem. You get to see a list of what you are missing. Pages with related products. Across the Oceans 5.

Please try again later. Since this book is written with a lay reader in mind, some topics aren’t explored as much as one might hope this doesn’t hinder the book, but it is worth pointing out for anyone interested in studying folkloric aspects of magicbut nooks book does have a detailed Further Reading section that lists other books that would be useful for anyone studying the history of magic with possible primary sources some titles listed included anthologies of Greco-Roman b Coptic sources.


Grimoires: A History of Magic Books – Owen Davies – Google Books

A History of Magic Books. Thoroughly researched and very well written with appeal to academics, lay persons, and students of any magical school interested in learning more off the historiography of the craft as well as its history.

The word has a familiar ring to many people, particularly hisstory a consequence of such popular television dramas as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed. The book discusses how they got to AMerrica and the new world and the impact they had the magical traditions of the new world.

Of a good global breadth.

Grimoires: A History of Magic Books

The book is a history of grimoires, books of magic, and their constant presence in western culture from the dawn of writing through the invention of the printing press and finally to the enormous stack of them you can find here on Amazon. The methods of securing these ends are similarly diverse, and range from channeling astral influences to signing pacts with the Devil himself.

A History of Pagan Witchcraft “Excellent and nuanced. In the s farmer Joseph Smith was employing the usual talismans and peep-stones to seek buried treasure in Wayne County, New York. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. I am just now starting an earlier book of his on grimoiees cunning folk in historical England because if found Grimoires to be such a great read.