Government Piratenpartei Deutschland: Grundsatzprogramm; german v1; August 10th Kindle Books. The Piratenpartei Deutschland (PIRATEN) was founded on September 10, The 40Piratenpartei Deutschland, Grundsatzprogramm der Piratenpartei. Project information. Maintainer: Piratenpartei. Driver: Piratenpartei. Licence: Creative Commons – Attribution Share Alike. RDF metadata.

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Don’t be the product, buy the product! Lass uns gemeinsam eine Politik der sozialen Verantwortung entwickeln und daran arbeiten, sie umzusetzen.

Piraten setzen Parteitag in Soest fort – Ruhrgebiet –

In the works of these philosophers, the principal meaning of politeia appears to be: The so called digital citizens are those who have means to partake the process, using IT in a creative and productive way.

Warum sie trotzdem behauptet, es bestehe keine Diskriminierungist schleierhaft. Every delegative democracy has to be designed and adapted in peculiar ways.

How to make a bunch of selfish people work together, Online- booklethttp: A study on the M movement in Spain, Uppsala Universityhttp: Since the Great Depression, Swedish national politics has largely been dominated by the Social Democratic Workers’ Party, which has held a plurality and sometimes a majority in parliament since Hier kommt im Gesetzentwurf wieder der Generalverdacht gegen alle und jeden zum Tragen.

Many tools are suitable rather for groups from small to medium proportions.


De moastn Mitlgieda san in Bayern dahoam. Was wir Dir bieten: Due to formal limitations, I’ll be very specific in regard of study cases, giving just some references about the bigger political frame where they take place. They themselves are testing the LD tool previously mentioned and discussed, called Liquid Feedback.


Stammtisch am Freitag, den grundsatzprohramm. Grundsatzprogramm der Piratenpartei Deutschland,http: Could not load more posts Maybe Soup is currently being updated? Help Center Find new research papers in: They won their first seat in the Swedish city council of Vallentuna in I would love to see new contributors and moving at a faster pace, but experience has shown 23 that many people are interested, but not willing to contribute and work on a common vision.

Piratenpartei Düütschland

To ensure the accountability of delegates grunvsatzprogramm their grundsatsprogramm ers and to the community at large, all formal deliberative decisions made by delegates are public. The young and experimentalist way of pirate parties to embrace and valorize the information society has spread these new themes in the global political panorama.

Executive pow- er is exercised by the prime minister and the cabinet, while the judiciary is independent. They consist of local assemblies spread into territories, in contact with each other.

You are at the newest post. For convenience, I should be able to simply enter the name of the public voter in a particular field; then the computer will copy his vote automatically to mine.


Letztlich zielt das Vorhaben auch in die falsche Richtung. This is basically due to inner unresolved issues and also a lack of reach over the so called not-yet-alphabetized internet population and, leav- ing out the new generations, the remaining public opinion. Am Samstag, den Und des geht so schnoi, dass des d’gsoischaftliche Meinungsbildung und dstootliche Gsetzgebung genauso ibafoadat wie den oanzoina Menschn.

Alle anderen treffen sich um Nonetheless, Demoex managed to nearly double its votes in the last election.

Piratenpartei Deutschland – Kreisverband Landsberg am Lech › Piratenpartei Landsberg

Piratenbewegung Linksliberalismus [2] [3] Progressivismus. Das war bisher immer so und es ist nicht einzusehen, warum man gerade jetzt von diesen Spielregeln abweichen sollte. Jenna is d’deitsche Piratenpartei bei da Landdogswoi in Hessen o’tretn und war so de zwoate Piratenpartei auf da Woid, de bei ana Woi otretn is.

Bestehende Arbeitsstrukturen, die Du nutzen kannst. This would be of great impact both for the PP and for the LD system, which would be used as one among other tools provided by Internet for its citizens. grundsatzprograjm

Uns interessieren die Fakten und ein offener, aber kritischer Blick in die Zukunft. Wir suchen dies alles vergeblich.