Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison – book cover, description, publication history . Summary: Entertaining teenage novel with strong similarities to A Christmas Carol in its tale of an obnoxious girl being shown the error of her. Bridget Duke, father is a famous sportscaster, and Bridget herself is both entitled and deeply insecure. [H]is fame made me cool by association.

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I’m guessing it was maybe the Friday before llies had thrown the party in the beginning of the book, but I’m not entirely sure about that. Bridget is that sort of character that you love to hate, though, so these types of emotions are warranted. The few lifs she has with Liam, you can tell her still cares for her, and wishes that they could be together, but you certainly can’t blame him for not wanting heee be around the new her.

Bridget’s issue with Michelle was resolved exactly as I hoped it would be, and I’m totally liee Michelle’s side here with what was decided. Her stepmother tries her best to comfort Bridget but this little Let’s put it this way I liked this for what it is as I am not it’s demographic.

Take a journey down the roads of life in Paige Harbison’s clever and harrowing novel that shows just how broken one girl can be. At the very beginning, I felt a little sorry for her but as the ages kept turning and the story unfolded I just wanted to slap some sense into her. Everything starts going downhill though when a new girl arrives at school.


Instead I looked a lot like deer in headlights.

As you read you almost want to say that she deserves what she gets, but really nobody deserves to die, no matter what. Jan 07, Jessica rated it really liked it.

Here Lies Bridget

Das bildete ich mir nicht nur ein. From there, she literally steps into the shoes of the people she has wronged and sees herself from their perspective.

The plot is entirely straight forward, but still nifty. She became someone that no one really liked, although it was hard for her to see that.

I’ve got to be honest. I mean, what girl would stay friends briddget Bridget? Bridget has to literally step into the shoes of those she has hurt and relive her snideness through them. If for some reason it’s not, let me start out with saying this: To view it, click here. So one night, Bridget, feeling desperate and anxious of losing her crown, drives too fast and crashes her car.

Whether it’s hinting to her beautiful best friend that the friend is fat, or insulting someone for not bringing enough beer to an underage party, everything Bridget does is a means to an end. It just doesn’t make sense.


Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison – book review

Mar 28, Abbie rated it liked it. I didn’t like things continuing as if nothing had happened. Everything was I did not like this book at all. That’s why she lies, manipulates, and causes trouble wherever she goes. And while the book isn’t terrible because there were parts that did work I’d go for something else especially if you’re after a bad girl learns to better her ways.

Unable to deal with the competition let’s be fair to Anna; Bridget jarbison the only one competingBridget gets in an accident that leaves her in limbo. I did not mind the predictable story, though, because where this book really shines is in the storytelling.

Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison

Maybe all Bridget truly has is a distant dad, a deceased mother, and a broken heart. Liam ist Bridgets Ex, der sich erst vor Kurzem von ihr getrennt hat.

Bis eine Neue auf die Winchester Prep kommt: Glad I get to send it on. Sie ist nicht tot – aber auch n Was Bridget will, setzt sie durch.