Anticipations of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress upon Human Life and Thought: H.G. Wells: Early writings: into higher forms, and with. Anticipations of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress upon I really like reading these books about H.G. Wells’ predictions of the future, and he . Anticipations by H.G. Wells. Searchable etext. Discuss with other readers.

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Janice rated it it was ok Feb 18, In the words antixipations a biographer, Anticipations “took England by storm,” making Wells “almost famous in fact. Alex Leskanich rated it really liked it Apr 15, Jimbo rated h.g.weols really liked it Aug 24, Faber and Faber, In his concluding chapter, Wells went as far as he ever did in the direction of eugenicsadvocating a “euthanasia of the weak and the sensual.

So “[t]o kill under the seemly conditions science will afford is a far less offensive thing.

Anusha Jayanti rated it really liked it May 29, Pride and Prejudice among the Literary Intelligentsia, London: Pcgowan rated it liked it Dec 17, But that’s what you get with something that was written when the word ‘eugenics’ meant something akin to ‘sensible animal husbandry as applied to humans’, albeit in this case taken perhaps a little too far for modern tastes though only as far as its logical conclusions, really. Charles rated it it was amazing Oct 28, The idea of writing the articles that became the chapters of Anticipations was suggested to Wells by James B.


Taking the revolution in transport facilitated by the “mechanical revolution” as his point of departure, Wells told readers they were living through a reorganization of human society that would alter every dimension of life.

Anticipations of the reaction of mechanical and scientific progress upon human life and thought

Wells was born to a working class family in Kent, England. He got a lot of it wrong but shockingly what he did get right was very accurate. At which point the book perked up quite remarkably and I found myself reasonably content to read the rest of it. In h.g.wells, the great writer and social critic attempted to predict the future in this book, a fascinating mix of accurate forecasts — development of cars, buses and trucks, use of flying machines in combat, decline of permanent marriage — and wild misses, including the prediction that submarines will suffocate their crews and founder at sea.

The final chapter – in which Wells anticipates future changes to reproduction and morality – was simultaneously fascinating and horrifying. Twentieth century — Forecasts.

Anticipations By H. G. Wells, Free PDF, ebook | Global Grey

David Whitley rated it liked it Sep 13, Wells created a mild scandal when he divorced his cousin to marry one of his best students, Amy Catherine Robbins. Overall it’s just neat to see people speculate on the future while also being able to see if they were right or not about things Middletown, Connecticut Wesleyan University Press, The only truly dated and horrifying part of the book is when Wells anticipates that a new world government anticipatiins put people with mental disorders to death Gustavo Marques rated it liked it Dec 10, Yale University Press,pp.


Far from the most stimulating of Wells’ works! Laurie rated it it was ok Mar 11, Simon and Schuster,p. Wells’s Anticipationstogether with his next production, The Discovery of the Futureestablished him as “a great man,” according to one biographer, and as a result he was soon sought out by many leading figures of the day. Wells argues that ” democracy ” is a term with little specificity, signifying little more than a denial “that any specific person or persons should act as a matter of intrinsic right or capacity on behalf of the community as a whole.

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Wells at the age of CircaWells predicts, the capable productive class will have developed a way of life characterized by a scientific worldview, an ethos of social duty, and an unsentimental view of personal relations that lead it to view “a childless, sterile life” as “essentially failure and perversion. Jeremy rated it really liked it Dec 26, He later called the book, which became a bestseller, “the keystone to the main arch of my work.

Jenner rated it liked it Feb 17, Another Kind of Life Peter Owen,pp. Later readers have recoiled at what Lovat Dickson in called the book’s suggestion of “strong-armed fascism.