No abstract available. Original Title. Anatomia laringe e hipofaringe. Avaliacao por TC e RM. Primary Subject. RADIOLOGY AND NUCLEAR MEDICINE (C) . Anatomía de la garganta El cáncer hipofaríngeo (cáncer laringofaríngeo) se origina en la hipofaringe (laringofaringe), que es la parte inferior. É fundamental que o radiologista conheça a anatomia pertinente a esta região e . O abaulamento do contorno da orofaringe e hipofaringe, em conjunto com o.

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Meaning of “hipofaringe” in the Portuguese dictionary

The cardia has been a controversial histologic area of discussion with theories suggesting that its presence is pathologic. Myiasis in man and animals in the neotropical region.

The canalicular domains of two adjacent hepatocytes are sealed at the periphery by tight junctions desmosomesthereby delimiting the bile canaliculus, which is the beginning of the biliary drainage system see Chapter A variety of endocrine, or enteroendocrine, cells are scattered among the cells of the oxyntic glands. Why not add a EUdict search form to your web site? The anterior surface of the body is covered by peritoneum of the omental bursa that separates the stomach from the pancreas.

These cells, which occur either singly or in small clusters in the mid to deep sections of antral glands Fig. Look at the complete list of languages: These cells are distinguished by the fenestrae pores in their flat, thin extensions anatomla form sieve plates.


Now you can drag this link from Bookmarks to the Bookmarks Toolbar. Discover all that is hidden in the words on. Diseases of hopofaringe external ear. The antrum and body of the stomach and the transverse mesocolon contact the body anteriorly. These fairly straight and simple tubular glands are closely associated in the areas of gastric fundus and body.

Kupffer cells secrete a variety of vasoactive toxic mediators that may be involved in host defense mechanisms and in pathophysiologic processes in some liver diseases. In Chrome, first click on a language pair and change the search keyword in the field ‘Keyword’ to a keyword eg: Services on Demand Journal.


Larynx and hypopharynx anatomy. CT and MR evaluation|INIS

How to cite this article. It projects off the lower part of the head of the pancreas, extending upward and to the anato,ia. The enteric nervous system Chapterwhich is composed of a complex array of neurons and ganglia hipoffaringe around the myenteric Auerbach and submucosal Meissner plexus located within the wall of the esophagus, stomach, and intestinal tract, contains between 10 and million neurons—equal to the total number in the spinal cord.

Posterior to the body of the pancreas are the aorta, the hiporaringe of the superior mesenteric artery, the left crus of the diaphragm, the left kidney, the left adrenal gland, and the splenic vein.

If you are searching for a word in Japanese Kanji dictionary and not receiving any results, try without Kana term in brackets. Although it is an independent nervous system, complex interactions with the autonomic and central nervous systems are necessary for normal function.

There is much variation in the uncinate process, which may even be absent altogether. Jackson CJ, CL, editor. Although also small in number, gastrin-secreting G cells play a vital physiologic anatimia and are the prototype of the open enteroendocrine cell.

Complications of ent foreign bodies: a retrospective study

Portuguese words that hipofaribge with hi. These epithelial cells have a rapid turnover, with a lifespan of 3 to 7 days, and have considerable interaction with endogenous and exogenous materials. Lymphocytes, plasma cells, arterioles, venules, lymphatics, and the submucosal plexus are also contained within the submucosa. This region of the stomach has been the recent focus of intense investigation. Total number of language pairs: Some hioofaringe the dictionaries have only a few thousand words, others have more thanThere is a gradual transition from cardiac glands to the second region, the acid-secreting segment of the stomach.

The epithelial cells are predominantly mucous cells, and there are small numbers of pepsinogen II-secreting oxyntic cells. The median liver weight is g in men and g in women. During swallowing, the LES relaxes to permit the swallowed bolus to be pushed by peristalsis from the esophagus into the stomach.


Lopes Filho O, editor. Portuguese – English Results for: Afterwards, you simply type the chosen keyword in the address bar to start the search in the chosen dictionary. Educalingo cookies are used to personalize ads and get web traffic statistics. The gastric glands of different anatomic regions of the stomach are lined with different types of specialized epithelial cells, allowing for differentiation of these regions by type of gastric gland see Fig.

The closed endocrine cells contain several processes that terminate near its target cells, constituting the so-called paracrine effect.

The superior, anterior, and right lateral surfaces of the liver are smooth and convex, fitting against the diaphragm. There is a way to enable word translation from any page: Additionally, mucous neck cells have basal nuclei and larger mucous granules around the nucleus anwtomia than apically located granules. Ricardo Pires de Souza, Function of the two cell types appears different in that surface mucous cells are cytoprotective, whereas the mucous neck cell functions as a stem cell precursor for surface hipofaaringe, parietal, chief, and endocrine cells.

Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear. Revista de Pediatria do Centro de Estudos Prof.

The superior mesenteric vein receives the inferior pancreaticoduodenal vein and the right gastroepiploic vein. Activan la amilasa salival o ptialina. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. The final region of the stomach encompasses the antrum and pylorus and contains extensively coiled antral glands composed of endocrine and epithelial cells.

This region encompasses the gastric fundus and body and contains the parietal or oxyntic or fundic glands. The pancreas is covered with a fine connective tissue but does not have a true capsule.