JNTO is official Japan Tourism Organization, providing free advice and 【 Announcement】For Travel Agencies: Regarding Travel Subsidies in Hokkaido. At the reception, he outlined the key to enjoying Hokkaido from an Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) -In cooperation with. Explore Cities. 1 Hokkaido; 2 Tohoku; 3 Tokyo; 4 Chubu; 5 Kyoto; 6 Nara; 7 Osaka; 8 Kobe; 9 Shikoku; 10 Hiroshima · Explore regions.

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See animals and birds in their hokkaio habitats and bathe in volcanic waters with picturesque backdrops. The Biei and Furano area also provide highly topical farm stays, where visitors can sleep at ranches linked to pensions and enjoy experiences such as milking, caring for calves and producing dairy products. The first international door-to-door souvenir delivery service in Japan!

In the east lies Japan’s largest marshland, Kushiro National Park. Sapporo Ramen Served in hokkaidi rich miso soup and topped with butter, sweet corn, bean sprouts and pork, hokmaido winter warmer is on the menu at ramen restaurants throughout Sapporo and the rest of Hokkaido. Lupines and tulips flower in May and are followed by a succession of blue salvia, poppies, and dahlias through early summer.

On nature tours, you can walk through primeval forests for a day with a specialist guide, observe waterfalls from viewing platforms, and enter holes used by bears in winter for hibernation.

Hokkaido | Hokkaido Prefecture | Japan Travel | JNTO

On September 6th, at approximately 3: In addition to forested mountains, the countryside is home to fertile farmland and milky-water mineral hot springs.

Multilingual telephone consultation service by Hokkaido Government. Ainu bachelors didn’t put a ring on it, they carved love tokens, including Nibutani trays. No matter if you’re wandering the Hakodate market, sipping beer in Sapporoor sampling sushi in Otaruyou must try the ishikari-nabeor salmon hotpot, authentic to Hokkaido.


News from JNTO

What are you waiting for? Sapporo’s world-renowned winter snow festival, with its massive snow and ice sculptures, attracts thousands of people every year.

Asahikawa Ramen With an extra layer of oil on top of a delicious soy sauce-based soup, Asahikawa ramen is extra fun to slurp thanks to its thin, firm and wavy noodles. The stall appears from spring to fall, and sells fresh boiled corn, potatoes, ice pops and snacks.

By taking the Shiretoko-odan Road across to the other side hokkzido the peninsula from Utoro, you can watch whales including sperm whales. Sample the flavorful surprises and wild charms of Hokkaido and journey beyond your imagination. Yubari Melon A hybrid melon grown in greenhouses in Yubari that is famous for its perfectly round shape and intense sweetness.

Enjoy the natural environment of Hokkaido in summertime in both simple and deep ways

Planning a Trip to Japan? Elsewhere, the hokkaidk that can be seen toddling around on land exhibit great speed as they swim through underwater glass-sided tunnels.

But why not go now and beat the swarm? Shipping costs are reasonable because items are shipped in consolidated cargos for frozen and refrigerated products.

You should also try the various local dishes that use local beef and vegetables. With its four interconnected resorts and more than skiable hectares, powder hounds can make fresh tracks at Niseko all afternoon. But that’s about to change. Njto, shiny crabmeat peeks out from the bound-together legs. Here, you will be able to experience being at one with nature as you feel the warmth of animals, smell the earth, and gaze at clouds floating here in there in the vast blue sky.


The Ishikari River in Hokkaido is famous for the delicious salmon that swim in its waters. Kegani, horsehair crab, can be served raw, boiled or grilled, and yields exceptionally sweet, tender meat.

Hokkaido – Japan’s Regional Charm – JapanGov

Wander through approximately 2, blooming cherry trees of 50 different varieties- some over years old-including “Someiyoshino yoshino cherry and Yaebeni-shidare weeping cherry.

On the northwest coast of Japan’s main island of Honshu, jno prefecture of Akita-a region renowned for its expressive culture and unusual natural beauty-gives visitors ample reason to travel north from Tokyo and explore the rich rewards of wild and rural Japan. Gourmet Satisfy the most discerning of palettes, as well as jntoo strictest of budgets.

And traditional dance and song are an integral part of life. The fragrant smell of freshly-roasted corn makes our hearts and stomachs happy, and it is a perfect snack when we are a little hungry. Running through the forest by car at night on tours searching for red foxes and Hokkaido deer, and you will be able to leave the vehicle and take in the starry sky away from artificial lights.

For more information about Hirosaki, visit here.

Not the instant stuff served in Styrofoam cups, but the fresh noodles served in a bowl of rich soup stock topped with….