Hugh Harleston Jr. is the author of El zodiaco maya. Su horóscopo y características psíquicas ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Th. Mayans unified space and time in whole numbers. They synthesized planetary movements with dimensions at Teotihuacan, a pyramidal complex northeast of. Buy A mathematical analysis of Teotihuacan on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. One million tetrahedrons, each twelve STUs tall, measure the north-to-south diameter of our planet. That is, is a length of the flooded avenue exactly where 72 is the width.

El zodiaco maya. Su horóscopo y características psíquicas

What if the numbers themselves represent symbols or concepts that point toward a mythological story? The alternation from Band 1 to Band 2, confirmed by Calderon, is shown by Mayans as a horizontal band with zig-zag lines on both pages, above the lower row of pictographs. Aur is also the birthplace of Abraham. It consists of the section of the river beside or west of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl.

The city of Teotihuacan consists of the Avenue of the Dead running north from the Pyramid of the Moon to the south past the pyramid of the Sun on the left eastward all the way to the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, also on the left.


Space and Time Huth at Teotihuacan. Though this is a stretch in the research, an investigation into the use of Gematria or word-number associations from Hebrew Kabbalah has been made. Teotihuacan measuring unit at the citadel Click here for citadel nugh, Teotihuacan measuring unit.

A sphere of diameter six fits inside a cube with a side of sixas well as in a regular tetrahedron twelve units high. Six significant numbers were used that are duplicated in the architecture of the Greek Parthenon B.

Hebrew Kabbalah in Ancient Mexico’s Teotihuacan Design by Anonymousfor Prajapati

Computer scanner study Harleston confirmed missing Kutz Scorpio and Keh Virgowith a part of Pek Aries as harlesto correct entering figure. Weston Weber marked it as to-read May 08, A paper titled “Did Teotihuacan’s Designers have a knowledge of spherical trigonometry? For details please see: For instance, The Ein Sof tree begins with three roots.

His publications include ten technical papers on Teotihuacan and Mayans, five books, and several university lectures. From the rear of the Moon pyramid to the beginning of the avenue is 1, Sumerian feet and so on.

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Alan added it Jan 19, Open Preview See a Problem? Significant STU dimensions repeat see map.

If so, and this was just a hunch influence on the design of this city may have come from anywhere in the world, even from the ancient indigenous tribes of Israel. This could be 26 Sumerian cubits of From the southern side of the Sun pyramid enclosure to the near side of the citadel enclosure would be 2, Sumerian feet, 1, Sumerian cubits, Sumerian yards, Sumerian double-yards, 1, Egyptian royal cubits or Mayan hunabs.


Mayans unified space and time in whole numbers. Developed and Programmed by ekant solutions. This would be a yard of Looking back to Drewitt and Druckers figure of mm Vertical levels at Teotihuacan confirm that Mayans knew elevations above mean sea level. Thom for the Megalithic Sites in Britain. So if the plan were set out in round numbers it looks like there is a greater preponderance of round numbers in “Sumerian” feet than in “Mayan hunabs”, but in the end, they are all part of the same measuring system.

Different measurements can also be obtained by measuring different levels or platforms of the pyramids, such as below. Both the above distances can be more readily understood as and Sumerian feet respectively.