This practical coursebook introduces all the basics of semantics in a simple, step- by-step fashion. Each unit includes short sections of. This elementary coursebook has been carefully planned to introduce students by discovering the value and fascination of studying semantics, and move on to. : Semantics: A Coursebook (): James R. Hurford, Brendan Heasley, Michael B. Smith: Books.

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That is, we find it convenient to treat anything spelled with the same sequence of letters and pronounced with the same sequence of phonemes distinctive sounds in a standard dialect as being the same word.

The semantic analysis of simple declarative sentences reveals two major semantic roles played by different subparts of the sentence. Just as there is something grammatically complete about a whole sentence, as opposed to a smaller expression such as a phrase or a single word, there is something semantically complete about a proposition, as opposed to the sense of a phrase or single word.

No confusion will arise from our relatively non-technical use of the term ‘word’. Yes I No Feedback 1 No 2 No 3 No We would analyse cases like That man is an Einstein as being figurative for That man is similar to Einstein, where the real predicate is similar, and not Einstein, but demantics analysis could conceivably be challenged.

Yes I No 6 Assuming that Courrsebook Brzown carries a clearly visible badge announcing his name to all his hearers, how could he make it clear to his hearer that he wants a cup of tea at the time of utterance, not earlier, and not later?

I’ve been here since eight o’clock and I haven’t seen it’ 14 B: Does one seem to be more revealing than the other? In English, one must analyse some instances of the verb be e.

Thus, the extension of semangics, for example, includes all past windows, all present windows, and all future windows. Summary These comments are impressionistic and simplified, but we believe that they will give a beginning student in semantics an idea of the kind of motivation behind the semanticist’s careful distinction between utterances, sentences, and propositions. They might hurord poisonous’ R I F 3 Mother to child: Practice Could the following possibly be used as referring expressions?


Would John and the person in the corner refer to the same individual in a conversation about this situation? Smith This publication is in copyright.

Yes I No 2 If we are talking about a situation in which John is standing alone in the corner, can John have the same referent as the person in the corner?

In fact, most utterances contain, or are accompanied by, one or more acts of referring. Explain m your own words and supply an illustration. By the way, has the 42 bus gone by yet?

Practice This practice assumes semantkcs knowledge of French and German: In which sentences does a form of be express the identity relation? What can a book written for English speakers, using English examples, tell its readers?

Paperbackpages. The relationship usually envisaged between sense, extension, and reference can be summarized thus: Example Chemical theory, with its definitions of the elements in terms of the periodic table, specifying the structure of atoms, and defining various types of reactions that can take place between elements, is a theory fitting the above definition. The book teaches you the technical terms you need to know, but the language of the book itself is well suited even to complete laymen.

Aristotle was clearly concerned with the same general areas that concern modern semanticists. Comment The distinction between referring expressions and predicates is absolute: And the sentence That is the man who kidnapped my boss definitely is equative, but it is not reversible, as The man who kidnapped my boss is that is unacceptable.

Semantics: A Coursebook

These are nouns such as father, son, brother, mother, daughter, neighbour. But only true propositions can be known.

Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously. A notation for simple propositions.


Rawan Alwazzan rated it really liked it Aug 16, In generic sentences Unit 6for example, and in other cases, one can find a phrase beginning with the where the hearer cannot be expected to identify the referent, often because there is in fact no referent, the expression not being a referring expression.

All of the above examples involve indefinite noun phrases. Feedback 1 one 2 No 3 one 4 one 5 one Comment In fact, the majority of adjectives are one-place predicates. As an English teacher and a long-time student of several foreign languages, I have a fairly broad background in general linguistics.

But it does not always give a clear indication. The relationship between referring expressions and predicates will be explored further in the next unit. It follows from our definition of definiteness p. Basic ideas in semantics. Example hungry, in, crook, asleep, hit, show, bottle, are all predicates; and, or, but, not, are not predicates.

Feedback 1 b 2 c 3 a 4 square, expensive, under, love 5 b If you have scored at least 4 out of 5 correct, continue to the introduction.

Full text of “Iif Kgpm Hurford J. R., Heasley B. Semantics. A Coursebook.”

We hope that the student’s appetite will be sufficiently whetted by what we have covered to lead him to take an active interest in these and other more advanced topics in hueford. In What I need is a pint of Guinness, a pint of Guinness is not a referring expression, because a user of this sentence would not have any particular pint of Guinness in mind, but the sentence is nevertheless reversible, as in A pint of Guinness is what I need.

Comment On this page and the following ones, you will learn the difference between two quite distinct ways of talking about the meaning of words and other expressions.