The Hypomanic Edge has ratings and 25 reviews. Sandy said: READ THIS BOOK! The content of this book was no surprise to me. A first generation immig. The Hypomanic Entrepreneur. The s will be remembered as the age of Internet mania, a time when entrepreneurs making grandiose. THE HYPOMANIC EDGE: The Bipolar Disorder That Made America the Most Successful Nation in the World. John Gartner, Author.

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Much to like here, particularly for me the author’s perspective on Alexander Hamilton. He was a serial entrepreneur.

The average American recalls only the barest outline of who the Puritans were. Now he was on to a new venture. All of the above. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

An untold number of hypomanics helped make America the richest nation on Earth. Energy, drive, cockeyed optimism, entrepreneurial and religious zeal, Yankee ingenuity, messianism, and arrogance — these traits have long been attributed to an “American character.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Hypomania, a genetically based mild form of mania, endows many of us with unusual energy, creativity, enthusiasm, and a propensity for taking risks.

America has hypojanic extraordinarily high number of hypomanics—grandiose types who leap on every wacky idea that occurs to them, utterly convinced it will change the world. Hypomanics are brimming with infectious energy, irrational confidence, and really big ideas.

The Hypomanic Edge : John D. Gartner :

I interviewed a small sample of ten Internet CEOs. It’s in our blood.

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. In fact, the top three countries with the most manics — America, New Zealand, and Canada — are all nations of immigrants. The Hypomanic Edge Trade Paperback Nothing seems worth doing, he has no energy to do it, and it probably won’t work anyway. May 24, Jonathan hypoanic it it was amazing.


THE HYPOMANIC EDGE: The Bipolar Disorder That Made America the Most Successful Nation in the World

Also, this work is not a rigorous scientific defense of his thesis that immigrants with a higher proportion of hyperthymian than those who stayed in the Old World have been a significant factor in American culture. Trivia About The Hypomanic Edg After talking to them for just fifteen minutes, it seemed as if I was the hypoomanic person to truly understand them.

He found us to be “restless in the midst of abundance,” and the proof was that we were always moving. hyomanic

My new novel, coming out fdge early spring,hinges on Gartner’s thesis. Describes the characteristics of these people and how they are able to work seemingly hypomnic. John Gartner tells the story with gripping detail and a clinician’s authority. He overspends in both his business and personal life.

Most Japanese save a substantial portion of their money in secure savings accounts that yield zero interest, tying up capital that could either be invested in businesses or stimulate the economy through consumption. This family’s story also illustrates the most radical difference between mania and hypomania. No trivia or quizzes yet. I feared they might find the questions insulting.

These are the real stories you never learned in school about some of those men who made America: Media Coverage The reviews section has a growing sampling of the amazing news coverage The Hypomanic Edge is receiving in the National Press. There were so many candidates to choose from.

Americans, by contrast, bounce back from failures, scandals, and bubbles with infinitely renewable confidence.

The Hypomanic Edge: The Link Between (A Little) Craziness and (A Lot of) Success in America

Hypomanics live on the edge, betweeen normal and abnormal. The odds of flipping a coin ten times and getting ten heads hypomahic a row is less than one in a thousand. He is widely published in scholarly journals and books, and his work has also appeared in the Baltimore Sun and Nypomanic magazine. One now understood better why he regularly rented palatial office space he could not afford and why his wife hid the checkbook.

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However, his descriptions of well-known immigrants with the propensity to be high on life and to risk so much that they tend either to fail dramatically or to succeed beyond their wild expectations are fun to read and hpomanic a picture that resonated with my own hyperthymia.

He feels brilliant, special, chosen, perhaps even destined to change the world. Yet without their irrational confidence, ambitious vision, and unstoppable zeal, these outrageous captains would never have sailed into unknown hypomanif, never discovered new worlds, never changed the course of our history. Hypomanics are ideally suited by temperament to become immigrants.

When you talk to these strivers, they tell you that their drive comes from within and that they have hypomaniv strongly “self-motivated” since they were children. The book covers four distinct American personalities with what is defined as hypomania, a milder version of mania still characterised by excessive excitement, lack of sleep, confidence, charisma, and other attributes – and many times contrasted with episodes of depressions as well.

Most expressed their agreement with excitement: