JAIMINI BHARATA,. A CEL EB RATE!) CANA RES E POEM. WI TH. TRA N SL A TI O N A N D N O TE S. BY DANIEL SANDERSON,. WI OL I Y A N M I SSI O. The Jaimini Bharata: A Celebrated Canarese Poem, with Translations and Notes. by Dēvapurada An̤nama Lakshmı̄sa, Daniel Sanderson. Digitized by Google 6 JAIMINI BHARATA, One Lakshmisha^ son of Annam&nka^ of the race of Bha- radw&ja, Spring to the mango orchard of illustrious.

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Know- ing him by this, follow him closely.

He kept D6vaki and her husband mddara. To fight with you I wish not ; give up our horse and go. Which are trained to fight. The words are used here only in Looking upon his spouse’s face, he arranged her tresses with his finger nails, kissed her, gave her the ring from his finger, consoled her, and took leave. bhwrata

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Is he not when angry a very Kdla Ru- dra57? Reviling him, Bhima continued: As Droupadi finished speaking, Krishna gave directions ; and, at the kings command, they put aside the people, and brought forth the sacrificial horse. What more shall I say?

With the sacrificial horse marching jiamini in front, Arjun and his other brothers on the right and left, the Lover of his worshippers on his right, and the host of Munis gladly fol- To your virtue I am sold37 ; I’ll fight no more: Prosperity or calamity is attri- from the joy of seeing the moon. In na, an infant-destroying ogress, attempt- addition to eight wives, he had a hundred ed his life.


The enemy’s powerful forces became too dreadful for even the gods to endure. Or is it the peacock sitting upon a branch of tender shoots?

This must be the lustre of the gems within ; it cannot be the entwined red coral! There is a class tf bad wonm who When this number of bramins of high caste, strict, virtu- ous, and well versed in jainini vedas and shastras, have received these most gratifying honours, sat in bhsrata, and given direc- tions, they fix upon the horse’s forehead a golden plate on which An akshdhini consists ofUlg with horror from touching the pro- infantry; 66, cavalry; 21, chariots; psTty of bramins, had taken possession and 21, elephants.

The Jaimini Bharata: A Celebrated Canarese Poem, with Translations and Notes

Ramachandran rated it it was amazing Nov 02, Tfaene are found chief of all the devout: Is the son of Dharma’s sacrifice impeded? And thinking it improbable he should get such a feast again, commenced eating the food prepared for the demon, making it into large balls, tossing them into the air, and catching them in his mouth.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. These must be pearls springing from the bursting shells ; they cannot be the spray flung from the leaping fry! For so the Is any thing hid from your feet who pervade all animate and inanimate things?


The fjEither and elder brother of 8.

The great safcrifice of the son of Dharma, Krishna hiifiself has undertaken ; if you would see Krishna, coine with me and worship him. The Muni took it, and went a moment.

Who hate the moon because dis- moon is the supposed cause of bhxrata. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Mahesha is currently reading it Mar 12, The friend of Arjoon Krishna is not here. And though Ala- as having childhood, youth, and maturity, kdpura be famous as the residence of the but not subject to old age.

These are not the sounds of chariot wheels; but roaring thunders. This phrase signifies the sporting In a place where innocence dwt Us. I’ll fell him to the ground. Venkatesh Kumar marked it as to-read Nov 18, Digitized by Google I.

Ranganatha Sharma Hardcover Edition: Anil Kumar marked it as to-read Jun 16,