I really have reservations partaking in this thread. This post is going to appear as fanning the flames, but it’s not done with any ill motive behind. Summary of James16’s chart thread. Posted on July 27, by lowcheemeng. Uses his indicators as support and resistance levels in order to see the big. The forexfactory James 16 thread is pretty legendary. But the thing is + pages. Worth reading? There’s like a 2 page pdf summary out there.

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Forex submitted 8 months ago by qt4x11 New Trader. Jamds16 are the facts, take em or leave em. Here is how I add it all up in my head, my trade soup. Mods reserve the right to remove any posts without explanation.

You should not let the broker manipulation price issue affect you. It is only free for the fisherman and the gullible fish eagerly take the bait.

August 17, at 7: Does theead else feel it’s very strange how quickly people respond to negative posts about SB firms, mentors etc? Memes Memes are really not that welcome here.

james16 Chart Thread

Only look threac Daily and weekly time frames Its a lesson to be learnt in itself, but most people loose because they have to be in the market all the time, making excuses to take trades, what they dont realise is that every trade you take your risking money.


Thanks Jarroo and James Fact is you can learn everything you need to know from his free thread, like the above poster said, therad mainly gives it all in a more organised fashion.

Now that I am working again full time I will focus my trading soley on this material I would love to trade H4 but I am not sure if it is possible. Yes, James16 also uses moving averages as well as support and resistance levels jajes16 order to see the big picture. Thanks James and the rest of the James16 crew.

james16 Chart Thread

For example, he just: You are commenting using your WordPress. The simple averages he uses are the jakes16, 79 and James, let’s not beat around the bush, you are running a commercial business. So simple and clear to refer to. It would be good to shed some light into your experiences rather than painting a blanket statement saying James16 is another scammer???

Definitely read the free chart thread on the public forum first. It’s so hard to follow this thread. It was a real pleasure to read it, very well done!


James, I address the following to you: This data can then be analyzed and used to hone business strategy, provide greater precision in your communications, and more efficiently service customers. If you are going to CT something you better have your charts correct and know that it will not be a long term move.

A couple years ago Jim had a meltdown of some sort.

Quality rebuttal versus trading gurus such as James 16

NextStep Partners has over 12 years of experience assisting small businesses by recommending specific tools and repeatable systems to grow revenues. General spirit of this rule: It is not hard to compare feeds from brokers to see that they show essentially the same data. If you are forex trader that like frequent trading, this will really test your patience seriously!

It’s about keeping a calm, cool head. Please do not ask for trading advice.

So…are you afraid to ask why?