The Jillings report into residential care units in north Wales, which has finally been released, said the lives of many children had been blighted. We have a received a request under the Freedom of Information Act for the following: 1) A copy of the Jillings report into abuse. These are deeply distressing cases for the individuals and families involved. The claims covered in the Jillings Report relate to allegations of.

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A report into physical and sexual abuse at children’s homes that was suppressed for almost 20 years concluded there was “extensive” mistreatment of young people over a “substantial” number of years.

The Jillings report into residential care units in north Wales, which has finally been jillings, said the lives of many children had been blighted by the abuse they suffered while living at the homes. It said the panel that investigated the abuse had considered abandoning its inquiry millings it was not sure it had all the material from agencies including police and social services that it needed to see the whole picture.

North Wales child abuse scandal – Wikipedia

The report also expressed concern that there was no independent mechanism to investigate serving or former police officers implicated jillngs abuse. And it said it had simply not been able to address some areas including the suggestion reporf public figures had been involved in abuse. The now-defunct Clwyd county council commissioned John Jillings in to investigate allegations of abuse against residents of children’s homes in the s and s.

His report was completed two years later but not published amid fears it could open up the authority to compensation claims. Calls for it to be published resurfaced last year after the BBC Newsnight report that led to false child abuse allegations against the former Tory treasurer Lord McAlpine.

Following freedom of information requests by the Guardian and others, the successor councils to Clwyd agreed to publish a heavily redacted jillingz of the page Jillings report. It made clear that it was limited by a number of “constraining factors”, including that it was unclear to what extent material held by North Wales police was available.

It also said there was a lack of clarity about the accessibility of some social services files.

At least 12 young people are dead. The report said the role of other agencies including North Wales police and the Welsh Office needed “careful and detailed scrutiny”. It expressed concern there was “no mechanism to ensure that independent investigations are conducted of allegations against former and serving police officers”.


The criticisms apply not only to Clwyd county council but also to the Welsh Office and North Wales police. Complaints that there had been a cover-up over Jillings led to an inquiry headed by the late Sir Ronald Waterhouse, which concluded in that there had been appalling mistreatment at homes over a period of 20 years.

Jillings Report into North Wales child abuse (1996) and associated information

At the time of the McAlpine controversy last year some former victims and politicians came forward to claim that the Waterhouse inquiry had been flawed and demanded that the Jillings report be finally published. A police investigation ordered by David Cameron at the height of the McAlpine scandal is under way.

So far more than people have told police they were victims of abuse at children’s homes across north Wales between and Explaining why the Jillings report had been released, the successor councils to Clwyd said: All councils have and will continue to support anyone affected by abuse.

And when the young victims tried to raise the alarm people turned a deaf ear to their pleas for help. We can only prevent it by giving children confidence to speak out, paying attention when they tell us they need protection and moving swiftly to justice — so 40 years down the line we do not find ourselves in this invidious situation again. A legal expert in abuse in residential care, Alison Millar, from the law firm Leigh Day, said: We are in an Alice in Wonderland situation whereby an independent panel is commissioned to investigate what went wrong and why.

The report remains unpublished for over 15 years and then, when it is finally published, the report is effectively gutted so that important sections dealing with the very issue of what the panel found did go wrong are specifically excluded.

The report spells out the dreadful treatment meted out to boys who lived at the Bryn Estyn home in Wrexham — described by one former resident as “the Colditz of residential care”.

Jillings report confirms ‘extensive’ abuse at north Wales children’s homes

It outlined how some boys were put on the “flat list” by the deputy head, Peter Howarth, and made to visit him in his apartment in their pyjamas with no underwear. They were sexually abused by him jillinsg forced to perform sex acts on each other.


He bribed them with cigarettes, money and privileges. The report also told how other staff members physically abused boys.

Jillings report confirms ‘extensive’ abuse at north Wales children’s homes | UK news | The Guardian

One tortured a boy during canoe practice by holding the craft upside down. Another staff member ordered older boys to “discipline” younger ones by urinating or defecating on them. The report said there had been a “disturbing number of deaths and suicides” among former residents of children’s homes in north Wales.

It revealed how some had died after abusing drugs, solvents or alcohol. Of the 12 deaths of former residents the panel knew about, four had lived at Bryn Estyn. Others had become repeat offenders and served a number of custodial sentences. The panel found that almost 4, statements were taken by police investigating abuse at children’s homes during the period they looked at. But the report said: It is also unclear how many other professionals, including police officers, were named in these statements as perpetrators of assaults.

Though the report said the panel could not investigate suspicions that paedophile rings or famous people were involved in abuse of children, it did conclude: It also carried a letter from a council officer to North Wales police noting concerns that a paedophile ring was operating in north Wales and pointing out that many names of possible suspects given to police had links to Bryn Estyn.

On the panel’s struggle to get information from the police, the report said boxes of files were passed on to detectives investigating child abuse from social services.

The panel was not allowed to see these files as they were considered Sub judice matter under consideration by a judge or court. The report claimed jillingx “interests” of the county council’s insurers “played an important reporr in the events surrounding the investigation of child abuse in Clwyd”, and added: A bitter irony, given that the report was suppressed for 17 years, was that some victims clearly relished the chance to tell their stories.

One told the panel: Howarth was convicted and jailed for abusing children at the home. Topics North Wales care home scandal. Child protection Social care Children Wales news.