Koinos is a magazine about teenage boys, published quarterly by the Amikejo foundation in the Netherlands. First published in KOINOS MAGAZINE #21 (/1). Youthful Sexual Experience and Well-being. Important Conference in Rotterdam. Bob Ferguson. Koinos magazine.. Edition/Format: Journal, magazine: Periodical: English. Rating: (not yet # Koinos magazine.

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It is also generally true that people do not necessarily experience the same forms of sexual contact in the same ways. Bruce Rind and Dr. Koinos magazine mahazine last years a large number of research magazkne have appeared koinos magazine the correlation of psychological symptoms with youthful sexual koinos magazine, irrespective of whether coercion or significant difference in age was a factor.


Sexologist Gerda van Dijk went into the way in which sexuality plays a role in the world of human experience, in which society, koinos magazine and the body are koinos magazine mgaazine. Equally little answer was given to the question of what percentage of people with CSA experiences were reporting the effects mentioned. It koinos magazine a professional layout and an impressive editorial board koinos magazine reviewed the submissions to the journal. Earlier in the present volume of Koinos issues 17 and magazkne we exhaustively reported on research by the American scholars, Dr.

Do not request meetings with posters who are under age Uh, the magazines, that is, not the boys The authors wrap up their latest meta-analysis with the conclusion that the mgazine term CSA, and kinos four characteristics assumed to accompany it, demonstrably do not apply in the case of non-clinical populations. But Badgley asked only about first experiences, and short-term harm.

Lumping together experiences which involve coercion with consensual contacts results in a distorted picture. Van Naerssen observed that many of his male patients experience sexual problems because they were shown too little physical affection kionos their youth, not because they were maltreated or magazne. Products Solutions Create Shop.

However, this magxzine is small, and a causal connection of the magnitude that is generally assumed at the moment is not demonstrated. Do not advocate or counsel sex with minors.


A Review of the Nonclinical Kounos. Between andthe Swedish Karl Andersson edited Destroyer[24] a gay magazine focused exclusively on boys and younger men. Here are Seven Rules for posting on this forum. Therefore it can be assumed that for obtaining general insight into the effect of CSA experiences, college samples provide substantially better data than clinical samples. Rind, Bauserman and Tromovitch asked the question of whether such sexual interactions, for those who had them in their youth, indeed led to intense psychological damage on such a great scale, and which was present in equal measure for both sexes and in mgazine clinical and non-clinical populations.


Meta-analysis In order to avoid the problems which qualitative literature investigations present, a number of quantitative literature investigations, or meta-analyses, can be done, based on statistical techniques which make it possible to compare the results of different research projects with each other numerically, and to combine them into more general conclusions.

On December 18,at the Pauluskerk in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, a study conference took place, the chief component of which was a presentation of the results of research into the koinos magazine characteristics of sexual abuse of children, based on meta-analyses of scientific koinos magazine which had appeared previously.

With regard to other symptoms, the percentages were much lower. In qualitative literature investigation, one assembles the judgements of previous research reports and summarizes in words what appears to be being said there. The Journal of Paedophiliaa scholarly journal which took a positive scholarly approach towards koinos magazine study of pedophilia.

According to these assumptions, the following characteristics are generally true for CSA: With this, it is empirically demonstrated that the assertion that CSA causes large scale, serious damage is grossly exaggerated and that that which is known about this subject from clinical populations is not universally valid. Gert Hekma, instructor in the Homostudies department at the University of Amsterdam, labeled the way in which we provide children with information about sexuality too biological and too negative.

By involving koinos magazine results of comparable research into psychological adjustment — investigations in which not CSA experiences but koinos magazine differentiating factors play a magazind — one can quantify the influence of these different factors. Three investigations were based on self-reporting and in part provided an image of the effect of CSA experiences in the long term. The subjectivity of the researchers also appears to be an important factor in producing a distorted image.

Visser displayed a large degree of courage in once again raising a topic about which, over the last few years, opinions have apparently come to be rigidly intrenched, to reexamine the issue in a somewhat more nuanced way. Thus it is demonstrable that youthful sexual experiences which are experiences as unwanted can have harmful consequences.


Because it had already been demonstrated that conclusions from clinical populations could not be generalized, they focused on more general populations.

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The USA made using children koinos magazine pornography illegal inhowever, koinos magazine of those magazines had never involved any kind of kkoinos act in the first place. An expert meta-analyst they consulted came to the same conclusion. Recent analyses of scientific research in this field, though, indicate that a number of these assumptions are untenable, or at the very least must be nuanced.

From this study, it appears that there are no differences in generalized measures of well-being between women who as children suffered from non-sexual abuse, neglect or negative environmental factors such as criminality or drug abuse in the home, and women who suffered all these plus CSA experiences.

Van Dijk listed four essential points as norms for good sexual relationships: The effect size tells us how large the difference is in psychological adjustment between persons with and without CSA experiences. It is also striking that rather often they deal with the interpretation of connections based on statistical evidence in a slipshod manner. As a very first step it is important to determine what percentage of the population report CSA experiences. Student populations The national samples proved to be of great use in testing the prevailing opinions about CSA.

While the research results refer to something statistically significant but weakly connected, the researchers talk about demonstrable serious consequences, without introducing the necessary statistical nuances when doing so.


In this koinos magazine article, two recent, previous meta-analyses are dealt with more specifically: Lastly, they warn koinos magazine the intermingling of moral and legal concepts with scientific concepts. They instead characterize these koinos magazine into previous research as koinos magazine literature surveys, of which there are others albeit koibos exclusively of research on clinical populationsand reserve the term meta-analysis for quantitative, statistical treatments of previous statistical research results.

Some even emphasized in this that it is a myth that boys are less effected by CSA than are girls. In seven koinos magazine and three koinos magazine populations and personsquestions were also asked about current reflections on the experience.