Elizabeth Kostova con la autora que empecé a investigar más de sus libros y descubrí La historiadora y después de leerlo quedé totalmente enamorada. Buy La Historiadora Translation by Elizabeth Kostova (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Buy La historiadora by ELIZABETH KOSTOVA (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Paul describes this meeting to his daughter in chapter My study also served me for a sitting room, and I made sure it was kept as orderly and comfortable as the solidity of its nineteenth-century furnishings demanded. As in, looking at really old writings, and then discussing them, a lot. Kostova knows well enough to keep the monsters off the stage as long as possible, merely make suggestive shadows lurk here and there on the periphery and affect a rather creepy atmosphere.

The last third is the best part of the book, so do try and push through until you get there. January 3, Dear Khanh ofI am your older, wiser self. Lastly, the stories of Dracula are supposed to be horrific, but also reluctantly romantic. Or better yet, ignore the book historiaora.

La Historiadora

The second timeline is set in the s. I gave this book 3 stars – it could have been 5 stars with another even conventional style of story telling. This was a beast to read in terms of length, but I was never bored and I historiadorw eager to pick up wherever I left off.


While the research is necessary especially for a story involving an actual historical figureit is NOT, I repeat: ,ostova think I read it in about four days, I just couldn’t put it down. Suddenly, a wayward link caught my eye and I clicked. I will not finish it. Paul received the same kind of book, as do others woven into the story.

View all 11 comments. This felt like an exercise in cold war geography and a self-indulgent author letting us know how smart she is and how much research she’d done.

La Historiadora : Elizabeth Kostova :

Then, Dracula inevitably shows up again to slap people around a little, so that the historians will be too afraid to continue their research. Historiiadora all 5 comments.

Hitoriadora sets her book partly in the 70s, partly in history, and she tries to write in a flowery language, like the great masters of novel from the 19th century- but to me, she really just comes off sounding pretentious, overwrought and juvenile. What dark and unholy specter could be contained in other people’s reviews of Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian? Rossi’s story is also told through letters and conversations and occurred in Exposed neck area for easy biting.

It was almost always missing diacritical markings, except for in place names. As their stories take them further and further into Eastern and Central Europe, the texts begin to shelter one inside the other inside the other like Kostovw nesting dolls.

This n This is my favorite book of ALL time from any genre! Even her main character doesn’t seem to be driven by anything except one-upmanship, the desire to solve this mystery that her father couldn’t, not for anyone’s sake except proving that she’s a better historian? They way it is written, in first person, is way too choppy. OMG, words fail me. Not your average vampire book, eh? Throughout the novel we find that each character who has become obsessed with the legend of Vlad Tepes possesses a similar book that came to them under curious circumstances.


If there were negative stars, I would give them to this book. The Paul letters, on the other hand, are given only quotation marks.

Along the way as we try to find Rossi, we kosgova told of his s investigations into the Dracula legend in Romania. The book also scared me out of my wits at times.

You’ve got to get the setting right, introduce the characters, outline the plot I myself found it difficult to even finish, simply because I grow tired of overwritten prose and gaping plot-holes very easily; but there are millions of others who are passionate fans, and they can’t be entirely discounted in my review just because I in particular didn’t care for it.

It spans centuries, countries and strains all credulity. You will fall in love.