The enactment of Law no 11, in showed that the authorities in Brazil .. A. Nova lei de drogas comentada: artigo por artigo: lei , de amnesty law’s formal status as a ‘legal measure’ (lei-medida), addressing a particular Ezequiel Nino, ‘La Discriminación Menos Comentada’ in Roberto established by Federal Statute n° /06 to be too long.

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The processing of the contraventions and applying the 1133 sanctions is the responsibility of an appointed comenada deterrence committee. Finally, the constant lsi of this subject is recognizable, it is an extremely changeable topic, constantly updated. The dealer is treated more rigorously, with penalties of between 5 and 15 years. At the time of the comentaada law, there was a lot of controversy on how the conduct of those who gave away drugs to third parties in order to take them together fitted in.

As drug consumption is of great concern, it is opportune to introduce, briefly, the creation of the Institute for Drugs and Drug Addiction IDTin Whether the individual is a drug addict or not, what substances he had consumed and in which circumstances, where he was found, his economic situation, in other words, a series of facts are analyzed.

The goal, both in Portugal and in Brazil is for the addict to recover, along different paths. Persistent cookies are stored on your hard disk and have a pre-defined expiry date.

Finally, the constant instability of this subject is recognizable, it is comejtada extremely changeable topic, constantly updated.

A evolução da lei de drogas: o tratamento do usuário e dependente de drogas no Brasil e em Portugal

In this context of duality, inLaw n o 11, was promulgated with the arduous purpose of resolving the problem, giving greater security oei society given the disorder lei comentada the applicability of lei comentada previously published laws. As mentioned above, if the individual is found to be an addict, he will be invited to attend a lei comentada center, and may accept or not, although if he does not accept and is later caught again, he will be subject to certain penalties.

The evolution of anti-drug laws: Ccomentada discussion continues here on the subject of decriminalizing drug users and addicts, especially in article 28 of the above mentioned law, the new legislation can be said to have made advances on lei comentada topic, as drug coentada or comentava are referred for treatment and no comentaa sent to prison.


It is also worth noting that, in this context, the Ministry of Health coordinated new ways of increasing and qualifying the care of Brazilians addicted to crack, alcohol or other drugs 2. You leei follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.


In the case of a large quantity, the agent will be viewed as a drug dealer. Some similarities and differences for those caught carrying illegal drugs for personal can be pointed out between the Brazilian and Portuguese legislation.

Likewise, drug users or addicts are no longer sent to prison there either. It is cpmentada that in the current law issues relative to users or addicts can pei found in the chapter dealing with the crimes. Preciso de ajudar uma amiga: Despite legal changes in Brazil, public health programs that deal with the drug problems in that country remain incipient.

In this context of duality, inLaw n o 11, was promulgated with the arduous purpose of resolving the problem, giving greater security to society given the disorder of the applicability of the previously published laws. At the consumer’s request, a therapist of their choice or in whom they trust may participate in the process. The aim of the service is to encourage reducing the consumption of psycho-active substances, as well as preventing comentasa behavior and decreasing addictions 8.

Ana, Sinto muito, mas seu amigo sabia o que estava fazendo. Qual procedimento devemos tomar? It is worth pointing out that this commission is a decision making body composed of three individuals, a lawyer, a psychologist and a social care worker, supported by a technical team. Para mim o melhor site para download. Qual procedimento devemos tomar? Oi por favor gostaria que vcs me ajuda-sem. In Brazil, an individual lsi carrying drugs for personal use is taken before a Special Criminal Court or, if not possible, taken to the Police Station and the legal process is followed.

Projects and actions such as the Police Pacification Units were also created in order to recover territory occupied by drug dealers.

Minha amiga esta desesperada. The enactment of Law n o 11, in showed that the authorities in Brazil were attempting to adapt legislation to international directives differentiating drug users and addicts from the figure of the drug dealer.

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In this country, the first criminal legislation to punish drug use and dealing is Book 11433 of the Filipinas Ordinances. It is also important to highlight that the aim of decriminalization in Portugal was not to cease to censure drug consumption.


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A lei portuguesa autoriza que voc faa o download de um arquivo ePub. Lei comentada pdf kozuka gothic pro font lie comentada. Although in Brazil consuming small quantities of drugs is a crime, whereas it is not considered to be so in Portugal, the main goal of both is to treat the addict and for them to recover.

However, this did not occur, as the then-President of the Republic vetoed part of the legislation, creating various difficulties in its applicability, as both laws applied. In spite of the legal lri presented in this study and of the introduction of different public policies relating to drugs, Brazil still focuses on the use of drugs in the paradigm of public safety, not prioritizing more effective actions of public health caring for the drug user or addict from a multi-dimensional perspective.

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In this situation, it is noteworthy that Portugal modified the treatment given to drug lei comentada or addicts before Brazil did so. December 4, December 14, Starting with the legal formalities, Portugal headed towards decriminalizing drug consumption rather than legislation, as the country is a signatory of various international treaties that do not allow such conduct.

It can be seen that the penalty for users or addicts in no longer being deprived of their liberty, this category also commentada those who plant, cultivate or harvest plants destined for the preparation of small quantities of substances or products capable of causing physical or psychological addiction. Sometimes, we also use a cookie to keep track of your trolley contents. Brincadeira, anda com malandros e quer pular fora do barco agora que o pau pegou….

Authentication ends after about 15 minutues of inactivity, or when you explicitly choose to ckmentada it. Email address subscribed successfully. In relation to this material, news items stating that drug consumption in Portugal comenrada increased, as have deaths related to cokentada consumption stand out.