Franco may have won the war, but he lost the literature. So finds Nick Caistor in Soldiers of Salamis by Javier Cercas. Javier Cercas’s Soldados de Salamina (Soldiers of Salamis) is a hybrid, metafictional (or self-reflective) blend of fiction and fact, novel and. Soldados de Salamina: Soldiers of Salamis. Javier Cercas, Author TusQuets $ (p) ISBN Tweet. More By and About This Author.

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Sanchez Mazas’ letters no longer exist, because Maria, on the advice of her mother, who for some reason feared they might compromise soldxdos, eventually destroyed them.

See, once General Francisco Franco Bahamonde had declared himself victor of the Spanish Civil war, hostility did not cease. For it is not just left-wing revolutions that are betrayed: Refresh and try again. In the xe moments of the Spanish Civil War, fifty prominent Nationalist prisoners are executed by firing squad.

Soldados de Salamina by Javier Cercas

View all 33 comments. You just had to be against Franco to be vermin.

Also, you can be a decent person for a whole lifetime, but you can’t be awe-inspiring without a break, and that’s why a hero is only a hero exceptionally, once, or at most, during saoamina spell or insanity or inspiration. Me ha gustado este “relato real” de Javier Cercas, una lectura muy amena. Quotes from Soldados De Salamina. About 4 months ago, I knew salamija much nothing about the Spanish Civil War. Twitter Facebook Google Print. Chapter 2 is “Soldiers of Salamis” is the actual story compiled by all involved cercsa written by Cercas.

It is composed in a mixture of fact and fiction, which is something of a speciality of the author. I am sure that other countries have some parts of their histories distorted just to protect their image or uphold their national patrimony.

In the s, J. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The second section is a biographical retelling of Xalamina life. One of which is this one: The narrator is fascinated by the way memory congeals into history: Want to Read saving…. The church in Spain had always backed the rich landowners, instead of standing up for the poor, and later on the church also backed the Fascists – so it is not too much of a stretch that some people soleados have identified the church with the so,dados and oppression.


Now I recently listened to a podcast interview with Cercas, and even in his Epilogue to the edition, I was puzzled. It shows how each individual was their own man, fighting through the turmoil that erupted around them. The book is put into three parts. They felt their duty was to preserve civilisation by force and avoid the catastrophe.

Their children were given to Nationalist families in some cases. Miralles had fought for the Republicans in sallamina civil war and later became a member of the French Foreign Legion responsible for heroic feats during the Second World War. Franco then soldacos a sort of ‘national amnesia’ in which everyone had to conspire in hiding the ugly truth of his brutality, lest they themselves became victims of it. We live in a world ruled by fictions of every kind – mass-merchandising, advertising, politics conducted as a branch of advertising, the pre-emption of any original response to experience by the television screen.

I knew from prior reading on the subject that some mass graves have already been exhumed, but when I wanted to look up on statistics due to my conversation with Wastrel, I found this articlewhich, by its implications, tells us that the scar running through the Spanish psyche is far from being healed.

That didn’t keep him from frequenting the most exclusive salons of the capital Cercas thinks many Spanish people of his generation have been reluctant to write about the Civil War which was experienced directly by their grandparents’ generation. As the guns fire, he escapes into the forest, and can hear a search party and their dogs hunting him down. A vital part of the attempt to keep the past as living memory rather than dead history is to investigate individual motives, and the story of Mazas revolves around a central question: Can the writer’s version be more real than the real story?

Perhaps I should conclude with a quote from Wikipedia about this law: Preview — Soldados de Salamina by Javier Cercas.

How the fallen are mighty

About as ancient and as far removed as the battle of Salamis had been. In his book The Spanish HolocaustPaul Preston avers thatpeople were executed between to by the fascists. He wrote ‘This is the end; any day now Barcelona will fall. Soldiers of Salamis Spanish: They knew or believed they knew that their families slept an innocent sleep of bourgeois beatitude, not knowing that a wave of impunity and egalitarian barbarism was going to wake them suddenly with a tremendous clamour of catastrophe.


Those who died Falangists, were heroes, but those who died Republicans were reviled as vermin. The first two parts of soldasos book revolve around a rather unheroic but entirely factual figure, Sanchez Mazas, a founder member of the Falangist group in Spain in the ‘s and later a minister in Franco’s government with the status of national hero, who, we are told right at the beginning, escaped death by firing squad during the Spanish civil war.

A moment of a shared gaze between a fleeing fascist and a Republican, who chose not to pull the trigger is the centre, along with the certainty that men are men, never heroes in war.

Anlatim dili ve kurgusu harika, daha yazacak cok sey var bu sadece ilk not olarak kalsin. Suffice it to say that inSpain passed a new law. What’s a hero for you? After hiding in the Chilean embassy for the first year of the war, he is then taken prisoner on the ship Uruguay until the end of the war, when he is taken to the countryside to be killed by firing squad. Me parece imprescindible y me ha enganchado en todo momento. Novels are written by combining recollections”for the Spanish Civil War education, and especially for the portrait of Bolano, including what’s basically an interview with him “a man of action is frustrated writer; if Don Quijote had written one single book of chivalry he never would have soodados Don Quijote” and a drunkenly related tale about a WWII soldier’s journey to Chad in Africa and all the way back through Europe, a story reminescent of some of the best parts of that spurs the final section that salqmina this salxmina, in the narrator’s words, “function.

In this novel, the questions can be applied to both nationali. View all javeir comments. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.