The NXZA-TK (from now on called NX-4) NetworX from Caddx represents a new approach to the design of security systems. The NX-4 is probably the most. The NetworX NX-4 from CADDX Controls represents a new approach to security systems design. Drawing on our experience in the world market as the largest. Click the photo of your keypad or choose from the list below. CADDX Manuals. CADDX NX E User Manual (PDF, MB) · CADDX NX E User Manual.

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The NX- can also be programmed to perform a missing battery test every seconds. Feature selection data is used to turn features on or off.

If location is left unprogrammed, account code will be used when the Phone is dialed. Various locations have been intentionally omitted.

GE NetworX NX-4 Manuals

If it rejects the code, the sounder will beep times. What is this old floor. The system sounds manuxl it has a tamper switch on the panel door. In my case its zone 5. The []-[0] is the number of minutes, and the [r] stores the data and moves to the next segment of this location. Segment of Location is used to enter the number of dial attempts to attempts the communicator will try to Phone before ending the notification cdadx. Four-second delays can be obtained anywhere in the sequence by programming a “” in the appropriate delay location.

The Simon XTi provides a graphical user interface for programming. The zone lights will illuminate specifying the first digit of the user code. You will see that numerous features can be n4 from within one segment.

I havent read anything like that in the manual Cadcx you enter a program code, you dont need to ring the company for the alarm to download some code or something? Off if on board siren driver enabled. Willis Jackson 1 years ago Views: That’s pretty straight forward: If there is a system trouble, pressing [r]-[] will still show the service menu.


Connecting the Telephone Communicator Yes, Caddx is one of those rare lines where all of the models program identically. manaul

CADDX NetworX NX-4 Control/Communicator Installation Manual

All reportable events report to the log. If i try out these programming commands, will it caddz me somehow if the code i have is incorrect? If the previous location is desired press the [FIRE] key. Control Panel 2 Associated Equipment B. These wireless devices are only UL listed for residential applications. Power Over-current report enabled. You can try the factory default,but I doubt that it will work. Segment of Location 9 is used to enter the number of dial attempts to attempts the communicator will make to Phone before ending the notification process.

If you require a format other than those listed, review the override options described in location, to build the appropriate format. If a “” is programmed in this segment, it will cause the NX- to make the dial attempts in increments of manuwl. I also found another more detailed one on-line.

This will mahual the beeping and let you know where the trouble is.

If a new first alarm is detected in a different zone, the counter remains at. You might have just miscounted as you stepped through the segments. Under this condition, if a force armable zone is not secure, the “Ready” LED will flash.

If no additional modules are to be programmed, pressing the [Exit] key again will exit the program mode. If ADT set the system up, the installer code is probably On the first call, let the phone ring one or two times. The NetworX design allows a fully loaded system to be housed in one single metal enclosure, establishing for the first time, a logical solution and design response to modular systems.


Once the data is programmed, press the [r] key to enter the data and advance to the next segment of that location. You’re a legend I will let you know if it works when i test it out. Valid entries are 0- seconds.

NX E – Advance Alarms

The counter will increment each time an alarm is detected on a zone with multiple trips. Auxiliary Code s 2 3 4 5 6 “Quick Arm” Digit: Factory default is “” and the communicator will make the same number of attempts as those programmed in location.

A “” must be programmed hx4 location in addition to the entries in location in order to create a special format. Users Operating and Programming Guide Version vaddx. When you slide the board between the grooves of the slots, make sure the terminal strip is toward the front for wire connections.

Rinse light flashing rapidly and cycle stoped. Would it have anything to do with having to call adt before applying the code?

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. If the light is steady and then starts flashing rapidly after a few nanual when you turn on the ignition or try to start the car, you are using the correct programmed key but the engine computer has a problem or has failed.

If the location entered is a valid location, the “Armed” LED will extinguish, the “Ready” LED will illuminate and the binary data for the first segment of this location will be shown by the zone LED’s. Select a format from the list on the following page.

When you are in the last segment of a location and press the [r] to enter the data, you will exit that location.